How to Remove .Fordan Ransomware on Windows 7?

Remove .fordan ransomware

If your photos, documents, PDF, files or videos are encrypted with a .Fordan Ransomware extension. Then your PC is infected by ransomware is known as Stop(DJVU) ransomware. The Stop ransomware encrypts all the valuable files present on the victim’s computer. They will add a readme.txt file in all the folders present on the hard disk. For decryption, they ask the user to pay 490$-980$ in bitcoins. The instruction to contact them are made in readme.txt file and it is placed in every folder present on the computer.

How to Remove .Fordan Ransomware on Windows 7?

There are some chances to decrypt the data if and only if it was encrypted by offline key. You can use STOPDecrypter to decrypt the files made by Michael Gillespie. Mostly, there are very fewer chances to recover the files encrypted by the ransomware because they create a private key. That key is required to unlock the encrypted files. This is a very dangerous ransomware Because it stops all your services and encrypts all the data present on the system.

This article is written to help the user to remove .Fordan Ransomware from PC itself. We suggest you use Shadow Explorer or Free File Recovery Software Like Recuva, EaseUS. This recovery software is freely available on the internet. But make sure, you have downloaded them from a legitimate website.

How .Fordan Ransomware attack on My computer?

The .Fordan ransomware spread through the spam email having malicious attachment or having vulnerabilities in windows OS or installed software.

The cyber criminals forge the email headers to take it out from spam folders. So, the customer believes that the email is from the right company. But its from cyber criminals. Sometimes, the email appears to be from the company and claiming that you have ordered something and due to some reasons it won’t deliver. Or the junk can be in terms of eye catchy deals, so you can’t resist opening the email. and click on the attached email after that your PC gets infected by .Fordan ransomware.

What do you mean by .Fordan Ransomware?

Ransomware family: STOP (DJVU) ransomware
Extensions: Fordan
Ransomware note: _readme.txt
Ransom: From $490 to $980 (in Bitcoins)

The Fordan ransomware blocks the access of files by encrypting them. After that, they ask for money to decrypt the files in the form of bitcoins in exchange of data files. This ransomware attacks on all the version of windows like windows 7, windows 8 or windows 10.

after installation of ransomware, it starts creating executable random files in the %AppData% folder. After that, the files start and start encrypting the files present on the system.

The .Fordan Ransomware starts finding the important files on your computer. Then it will start encrypting the files. The Files that encrypted by it having extension like .doc, .jpg, .mp4, etc. Then, It will delete all the original files and convert its extension to .Fordan. You can play or open any files when the files extension will change.

Below is the list of files which encrypt by the .Fordan ransomware.fordan ransomware attack


After changing the extension with .Fordan extension. Then it will create a readme.txt file in all the folders in which files are encrypted. The readme.txt file contains the information of cyber criminal, in which they asked you to contact them. And they will ask you for money in exchange of data.

It will delete all the copy of original files present on PC once the infection completed. It also deleted the shadow copies of the files so the user can’t get the original data. These criminals do this, so the user can’t recover the data using shadow copies.

Is my computer infected by .Fordan Ransomware?

When ransomware attack on your computer, then it starts scanning your all the disk available on the PC for valuable data. Then it will start changing files extension. After completion of the encryption process, you can’t play any of file, it may be .jpeg or .mp4 whatever. Now, All the files have .Fordan extension, so you can’t use them. The hackers will leave a note in all the folder, in which data is encrypted. The note contains all the information to contact the cyber criminals ( or

Readme.txt File Message:

.fordan redme fileCan I decrypt the files encrypted by .Fordan Ransomware?

There is a chance to decrypt the files encrypted by the .Fordan ransomware using STOPDecryter (decryption tool). This tool will work only if your data is encrypted using an offline key. If the cyber criminals using the online key to encrypt the data. Then, it is impossible to decrypt the valuable files. There are very fewer chances to recover the files because a private key required to decrypt the files. That can available only through cyber criminals.Stopdecrypter

I suggest you, do not pay to these persons because there are very fewer chances that they give you a private key. Because these people are not trustworthy. A complaint about the attack to your govt cyber agencies.

Remove .Fordan Ransomware ( Ransomware Removal Process)

The Malwarebytes and Hitmanpro alert is able to detect the virus or malware present on your computer. These are able to remove the .Fordan ransomware from Windows computer. But This program can’t able to decrypt the files that are encrypted by .Fordan ransomware. We are also not responsible if your data loss in this process. Because there is not any program which can decrypt the files. But you can remove malware present on your windows 7, windows 8 or windows 10 pc.

Step 1: Use Malwarebytes for .Fordan Ransomware Removal Process

Malwarebytes is the best anti-malware software available in the market. It will detect all the malware present on your computer, that left behind by other anti-malware. It doesn’t cost you anything. But can remove malware from windows 7, 8, 10 system. It is absolutely free software to fight against the malware infection. You just need to download and install Malwarebytes on your PC so you can start scanning for free.

Open Malwarebytes official website and download Malwarebytes on your infected PC. Now, install it, in the free version you will get 14 days trial, which has Malwarebytes premium features. You can run Malwarebytes anti malware with the Antivirus program and it will work properly with it. In trial version, it will only scan and remove malware or ransomware, only when you started the scan.

Steps to Fix using Malwarebytes

Download Malwarebytes: User can download Malwarebytes by visiting the Malwarebytes official website. Or you can click on the link below to download Malwarebytes anti-malware program.

Install Malwarebytes: After downloading, click on the Malwarebytes setup file to install it on Windows PC. The Setup file will be saved in the download folder or any customized folder that you select at the time of downloading.

Install MalwarebytesA Pop-up window will open and asking for permission to install Malwarebytes on windows system and allow it to make changes in windows files.

Remove .fordan ransomwareAccept Terms & Agreement: when the Malwarebytes installation process started, Just follow the steps to install it properly. To properly install it accept the terms & agreement.

Remove .fordan ransomware by malwarebytesfinish malwarebytes installationScan your computer: after completion of the installation, Malwarebytes starts automatically. Now click on Scan Now to find the ransomware files on your computer.

scan computer for virusWait till scan get Completed: This process will take some time, in scanning malware, adware and ransomware files. It will take rarely 5-10 minutes in a complete system scan.

Scan completeRemove the Malicious files: After completion of the scan, you will get a list of malicious programs found on your computer. The List will appear in Quarantine, present in the left side menu of Malwarebytes windows. Now click on the Quarantine selected files, This will delete all the malicious files.

remove .fordanRestart Computer: Once all the malicious files and registry key get clean then it will ask you to restart the system. Restart Pc to completely remove .Fordan ransomware form windows.

reboot systemStep 2: Try HitmanPro

Hitmanpro is the most famous free anti-malware tools that detect and remove the ransomware or malware form windows or Mac devices. It will check for the malicious files and match it with an online database and if they find something suspicious. Then it will detect it and remove it for us. But it is not as free as the Malwarebytes. You need a license key to remove the malicious files found in the scan. It will find the malicious files and matches it will Bitdefender and Kaspersky online AV database servers. so, it can remove malware or ransomware completely from the windows computer.

You can buy the license of HitmanPro for 1 year at just 25.95$. This will automatically scan your system on boot or startup to protect you from the malware. It will detect and block malicious websites, so your online surfing is safe. You can download it on your computer. It offers 30 days trial period with all its premium services.

Steps to Remove .Fordan ransomware:

Download Hitmanpro: You can download Hitmanpro from its official website. For simplicity, you can click on the download button below to download it.

Install Hitmanpro: when the downloading process completed, double click on .exe files to install HitmanPro on windows PC. You can find the downloaded file in the download folder or in the select folder.

A Pop-up will open that asking for permission to install HitmanPro anti-malware. It will ask for permission to make changes in the windows registry file.

Follow the steps: follow the steps or give permission that HitmanPro asks from you. After installation, start the scanning process.

Wait for scan results: The scan process will take 5-10 minutes to complete. After complete scanning, a list of malware and ransomware will appear.

Click on Next: When a list of the virus will appear .Fordan ransomware will also appear if HitmanPro finds it on your system. But it has a little chance because Malwarebytes already remove the .Fordan ransomware from the system.

Activate License Key: Click on Activate free license to activate 30 days free trial on your computer. That will detect and remove all the suspicious files if any found.

Reboot: when the process will complete, just clean the virus and restart your computer to complete the process.

This will fix your issue if you are still facing this problem. Then call 1-888-294-8062 toll-free. The technician will help you to fix the issue.