How to Remove Ads From Windows 11

Yes, Windows 11 has ads just like websites and overall internet surfing, Windows 11 has ads that are targeted to you based on your browsing & download history on Windows. You must have got irritated by Microsoft’s habit of pushing ads directly into the core of the operating system. 

Just like how it was in Windows 10, Windows 11 also shows ads that are called suggestions and recommendations or tips and tricks directly on the user interface. But unlike the ads we see on the internet where you are accustomed to being an advertising target, Microsoft allows us to disable ads from Windows 11, it’s not a one-click process but that’s why we are here to solve your problem. To get rid of the different types of ads in Windows 11, you have to make changes in settings that are hidden in various places of the operating system.

That’s why we have collected all types of ads in the Windows 11 operating system and the process of removing or disabling them-

1. How to remove ads from Windows 11’s Start Menu

Just like in Windows 10, the new Windows 11 start menu also promotes apps that link to their pages in Microsoft store.

These apps aren’t part of the operating system but are shown in your menu.

To get rid of these recommended apps in Windows 11 Start Menu –

Go to the start menu and locate the app that you want to remove.

Right-click on it and you can unpin or uninstall it from the contextual menu.

Windows 11 ads
windows 11 ads

2. How to disable ads from the lock screen of Windows 11

windows 11 ads

Some ads are pushed onto the lock screen for Windows 11 called “tips and tricks” by Microsoft but many times, there are only ads appearing there.

To get rid of these ads, Open the Settings app (Win + I).

windows 11 ads

On the left sidebar, select personalization, go to the Lock screen option in the right, and turn off the checkbox saying “Get fun facts, tips, tricks, and more on your lock screen.”

Note: you can’t remove the ads if you use Windows spotlight.

3. How to disable ads from Windows 11’s notifications (Action center, taskbar, default apps, etc.)

Microsoft has made Windows 11 in such a way that it can show “suggestions & tips” as notifications in the taskbar or different default apps.

Sometimes, these notifications only appear as ads, even if the company calls them “tips”.

To get rid of these –

Open the settings app

From the left sidebar, select System

Go to the notification option in right side

Scroll down to the bottom

Uncheck the checkboxes for “Offer suggestions on how I can set up my device” and “Get tips and suggestions when I use Windows.”

4. How to remove ads from Windows 11’s Settings app

So there are many places where ads appear in Windows 11, settings app is also one of the victims of ads. Although people havn’t seen ads in the settings app yet, there is a switch in settings that says that ads can appear in the future.

To ensure that you don’t get ads in Settings, Open settings, and from the left sidebar, select Privacy & security.

On the right go to the General option and turn off the checkbox saying “Show me suggested content in the Settings app”.

5. How to stop Microsoft from using your diagnostic data

Yes, Microsoft uses the diagnostic data to show you ads based on that.

Here’s how you can stop it from sending to Microsoft:

In the settings, select Privacy & security tab in the left sidebar and head to Diagnostics & feedback on the right,

Now disable the toggle switch saying “Let Microsoft use your diagnostic data, excluding info about websites you browse, to enhance your product experiences with personalized tips, ads, and recommendations.”

6. How to block ads in Windows 11’s File Explorer

Microsoft has placed advertisements in the file explorer in Windows 11 too.

But same as other ads, it also provides an option to block them.

Here’s how you can block ads in windows explorer:

Inside the file explorer, open See more menu ( at last in the menu bar … like this )and then click on options.

In the Folder Options window, select the View tab and uncheck the checkbox next to “Show sync provider notifications.”

Then click Apply or  OK and it’s done.

You’ll see no more ads in File Explorer.

Another method to Turn off Windows 11 App Notifications

To turn off the ads in the notifications, you can either disable notifications from all the apps or disable them for a few apps.

In method 3, you have to scroll down a little bit and then disable the toggle next to the desired app for which you want to disable notifications or alerts.

Method to disable targeted ads from Windows 11

When you get personalized ads based on your history on your PC, these ads are Targeted ads means that you get personalized ads based on your browser history. Disabling them wouldn’t limit the number of ads showing up. ‘=

But if you are concerned about your privacy and don’t want other users on your PC to have an idea of your browsing history then you can stop targeted ads on your PC.

Here’s how it could be done:

Go to the Settings (Winkey + I)

On the left sidebar, go to the Privacy & security section.

Then go to the General option under the Windows Permission section.

Turn off the button next to “Let apps show me personalized ads by using my advertising ID”.


So these were the methods to remove ads from Windows 11.

Once you follow up on all these methods, you’ll get a nearly full ad-free usage experience.

Apart from that, if you also get plenty of ads while web browsing, then you can use adblocker extensions and adblockers by antiviruses.