How to print from iPhone or iPad

How to print from iPhone

I heard several times that you cannot take a print from iPad, iPhone or iPod. I think, either several people don’t know about technology or not aware of product’s features. iOS devices have the genius technology. It is enabled to print with AirPrint feature; if you have a wireless printer, you can print photos, emails, documents, or safari’s pages from your iOS device. Let’s know how to print from iPhone or iPad.

It is fact that if you have an AirPrint enabled printer. You can print everything but if you don’t have an AirPrint-enabled printer. Don’t worry; you can print from you non-AirPrint-enabled printer because we have a solution for your problem that how to print from iPhone or iPad without an AirPrint-enabled printer. There is some further option to print your photos, emails, safari notes and other documents from iPhone or iPad. Just try and extend your knowledge about technology.

How to print from iPhone or iPad through AirPrint

If you want to know how to print from iPhone or iPad then here are guidelines to print from iOS devices.  You need to an AirPrint enabled printer and iPhone, IPad or iPod touch. The entire prime printer manufacturer makes AirPrint-enabled printers and if you have a current wireless printer then it is probably to be AirPrint enabled. Printing through AirPrint is very easy. Just you need to power on your printer and connected it to Wi-Fi. Now select what you want to print such as mail, safari notes, photos or any of the apps which have the arrow sharing icon at the bottom side left the corner. Just hit that icon and select the print option.

How to print from iPhone
How to print from iPhone

You will get a printer option on your screen. When the first time you print a photo, mail or documents you will need to select the printer. Your iPhone or iPad will search for an AirPrint local printer. Select your desired printer and the number of print copies, finally click on the print option. That’s all. Now you can say that how to print from iPhone or iPad.

How to Print from iPhone or IPad without AirPrint printer

You need to search some third party applications to print from your iPhone or iPad if you do not have an AirPrint printer. PrintCentral is a famous app to print from iPhone or iPad without AirPrint printer. This app works same as described above. You will find a browser which allows you to browse photos and documents from your iPhone or iPad. You need to install some client software on your computer in order to physically attach the printer with the iPhone or iPad. Now you can press the print button.

This is not a trick but this is a solution. Finally, this is the simplest way to connect the printer to your iPhone or iPad to print your photos, emails, and other documents, without having an AirPrint printer. iPhone or iPad provides printing facility through devoted applications from printer manufacturers, for example, Epson iPrint, HP ePrint, and Xerox Print Portal. These can work same as AirPrint.

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