Prevent Ransomware WannaCry

How to Prevent Ransomware WannaCry

WannaCry attack proves that ransomware is a strong tool, which can be used similarly to users and trades. It becomes especially ugly when it creates a problem for an organization like hospitals, where it can place public’s life in risk. WannaCry does encrypt the data on the computer and makes a demand for payment to unlock data. Usually, the demand of payment is fee is $300 USD; the payment should be in Bitcoins. If a user decides do not to pay. They threat user to increase an amount of payment after 3 days certain time and then remove the data. In this article, we will explain how to prevent ransomware wanna cry and about some ransomware removal tools.

Prevent Ransomware WannaCry

How to Prevent Ransomware WannaCry

If you or your institution is not infected by the ransomware Wanna Cry attack, here are some tips to prevent ransomware cyber attack.

  1. Keep up-to-date your antivirus and firewall software, to secure your computer from ransomware wanna cry and another cyber attack.
  2. Keep up-to-date your operating system regularly, OS updates will comprise recent patches and potentially viable to avoid penetrability absorbed by cyber criminals.
  3. Emails are a primary way to reach your computer. Don’t click on suspicious or unidentified emails and don’t open attachments of unidentified emails. They can be a link of wanna cry ransomware or another cyber attack.
  4. Instantly backup all your data such as photos and important files on an external drive, which does not accessible on the internet. Before infection, you have a good chance to make backup your data if it is important for you.

How to Remove Ransomware WannaCry

Ransomware removal process explained here, so read each step carefully to secure your computer from ransomware and cyber attack.

Remove process from Windows Task Manager

Let’s start, Press Ctrl+Shift+Esc simultaneously to open windows task manager. Now task manager window will appear on your screen. You should examine carefully through the Process Tab for the unrelated entries.

Ordinarily, a malicious file will engage with huge of resources, like RAM and CPU. If you search anything which seems different, just Click right button on the mouse and Open that file. Now remove everything related to that file. (First make sure that, this process is related to wanna cry ransomware).

Remove from Startup Programs

Now we will search malicious programs in Startup Programs, just open windows search bar and type here system configuration. Follow by selecting the first result. Now go to the startup tab and search here carefully in the list of programs. Windows 10 user can see the start up program in the Windows task manager. While all old version of windows, if you find any unidentified program, just remove it. 

Remove from Registry Editor

We are going to search a registry entity. To open registry you need to open Run window. You can open by clicking mouse Start Menu > Run Window or by pressing Windows key + R from the keyboard, now Run window will appear on your screen. Type Regedit and click on OK button. Now Registry editor window will appear on your screen. Press Ctrl+F to open find window and type virus name, ransom.CryptXXX or WannaCry and click on find next button. Remove that entity if any found, related to the wanna cry ransomware.

Remove Virus Files from Start Menu

We need to remove probable virus files from the start menu. then individually search for these folders by typing: %WinDir%, %LocalAppData%, %ProgramData%, %AppData%, %Temp%. Open all folders and sort by date and remove the newest folder and files. Finally, open Temp folder and delete all files.

This is suggested to you that if you are a learner, please follow these steps under specialist guidance.

These methods can protect your computer from ransomware wanna cry, but if any reason you are not able to remove ransomware from your computer and need a help just call us on. Techysupport specialists will assist you to clear wanna cry ransomware from your PC. We are here 24*7 with high-quality tech support service for individual and corporate both.

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