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How to Access Device Manager in Windows 7, 10 & 8

Device Manager Windows 10

How to Access Device Manager in Windows 7, 10 & 8

Windows has an application that manages all the drivers and software in windows operating system. It is called Windows Device Manager. By Windows Device Manager you will remain update about driver available updates. It allows you to uninstall Windows Drivers, Update Drivers and you can also check for driver status. You should know how to access device manager Windows 10, 7 & 8.

How to Open Device Manager Windows 10?

There are many to open windows 10 device manager. The way to open windows device manager is different for different version of the windows version. In the Blog Post, We will guide you how to access Device Manager windows 7, 10 & 8 Easily. You can use this method with every version of Windows operating system.

Step to Access Windows Device Manager

1. Press Windows key and R, It will Open Run Box, It is known as Windows Run Command.
2. Write devmgmt.msc and Click on Ok.

It will open Device Manager Windows. 

In Device Manager, you will see a yellow question mark on some of the devices. that shows the drivers outdated and a new update is available for it. Device manager also shows you yellow question mark if any of driver has a problem.

Fix Windows Driver Problem Easily:

A Driver with yellow mark doesn’t work properly and causes the problem, you may face issues while working with it. To solve this issue, just update drivers or uninstall and re-install again.

If you are a technically sound person, so you can it manually. But if you are not so much friendly with technology. Then you can download a driver name Drive Easy or You can call Windows tech Support 1-888-294-8062 to get instant support. A technician at Windows technical support will help you to fix drives issues.

Driver Easy will automatically find your system configuration and install the best driver for it. With this tool, you don’t have to worry about drivers. You don’t need to know about the drivers. You don’t need to install and download drivers. Chances of making mistake are negligible with it.

You can also call 1-888-294-8062 toll-free number for instant help. The technician will help you with Fixing it. You don’t need to download and install any software, just call 1-888-294-8062 toll-free technician at windows tech support will help you 24/7.

You can also Download Drive Easy and follow the Steps:

1. Download and Install drive easy from its official website.
2. Run Drive Easy (Device Manager) and click on “Scan Now”. It will check your computer and find drivers with errors.

3. Tap the Update catch alongside all hailed gadgets to naturally download and introduce the right form of their driver (you can do this with the FREE form).

Or on the other hand, click Update All to naturally download and introduce the right form of the considerable number of drivers that are absent or obsolete in your framework.

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