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How to make my Computer Faster

How to make my Computer Faster

Is your computer running slow? Does it run with sound whirr or whizz? Is your computer old and not running like before? Don’t know, how to make my computer faster? No need to slow down Windows computer over time. Whether your computer has slowly become slow or it is halting for few moments within working time. There could be several causes for that slowness. Before spending a lot of money on a new computer, we should try to search a few tricks and tips to make windows computer run faster. You can troubleshoot it manually and solve their issues yourself. We are explaining here some tricks and tips steps that how to make my computer faster. First, you reboot your computer system; several times a reboot can solve your problem. If after reboot your computer is slow now then follow steps to make your computer faster.

How much you use your computer system, how much it becomes slow speed. Maybe it is infected by a virus or malware, or some processes that can slow down the computer or you need to upgrade your computer hardware peripherals. There are several causes to make slow your computer. So follow these steps to make friends.

Remove Useless Applications:

A computer has lots of application software and programs, but some programs are not useful for you, and maybe you don’t know even they exist or not. When you start the computer, some OEM applications run in the background processes even you are not using them. To uninstall all these useless applications, go to Control Panel and click on Programs option, now select Programs and Features option, now a list of applications will appear. Select each useless application and uninstall them but leave hardware’s need software, if you don’t under. Careful to leave hardware related programs on your computer. This step will help to make your computer faster.

Use Disk Defragment

Sounds are complicated to listen, but it is the main path to rearranging your hard drive’s data for utmost capacity. Open “My Computer”, and click the right button of the mouse on the hard drive, click on properties button from an appeared list. Now select tools option, and click on Defragment button. A progress bar will appear and show the current status of the page.

Use Disk Cleanup

Windows also have a powerful tool named Disk Cleanup, to rearrange and removing needless large files downloaded programs files, temporary files, recycle bin etc.

Open my computer and right click on the hard drive icon, select properties option from the appeared list and click on Disk Cleanup button and check all boxes and click on disk cleanup button, now disk will be clean and more space will be generated.

Shut System Tray

Several software applications drive away into the system tray, which is situated in the right-bottom of the screen also called notification area. These programs are mostly at startup and running in the background continuously but stay concealed behind the up arrow icon at the notification area. To make faster your system just close system tray by Clicking on the up arrow icon near the clock.

Steps to Make My Computer Faster


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