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How to install Net Nanny

How to install Net Nanny

Net Nanny is a parent control and content filtering software, which offers security for the children. It filters the data in many different filter categories. With the help of Net Nanny, parents can block all online game sites and block games based on their (ESRB) Entertainment Software Rating Board. It blocks all the suspicious content and blocks all porn material from the website. This software is one of the best parental control software. This helps you with the children security in the cyber world. It is the best software for parents for their children safe. You have to install net nanny software for best children safety. Here we mention the complete process to install a net nanny.

Steps to download Net Nanny for Windows:

  1. First, open your browser on the computerinstall net nanny
  2. Go to
  3. When the link is open, select the Download the required version of Net Nanny software which you want to download for your PC.
  4. Now on the download page, here you have to select the Operating system that includes 32bit or 64bit.
  5. You will then be presented with a box green stating “Based on your computer, we suggest…” – Click Download Here”.
  6. After this, it will ask for Save the File or Cancel the file. Now here, you have to select to save the file. While saving the file you have to choose the location, where to save the file. Here save the file in the desktop location. Therefore, you can easily find out the file after download finished.

Complete Steps to Install Net Nanny for Windows:

Here, we mention the complete process to install Net Nanny software, after downloading the software you have to install the software. But before start installation process, you have to disable the current antivirus/antispyware and firewall programs which are running in the background of PC. This software may cause some issues while installation of the software. So disable them and when the installation of net nanny gets completed, turned back on the security software.

  1. After downloading the software, open the software on the desktop by double-clicks on the Net Nanny icon. Now a pop-up open, here select Run.
  2. Now a new User License Agreement is open, here click on “I accept the terms in the license agreement” and then click on the “NEXT”
  3. Then, select the installation folder and then click “Next”
  4. Now the software is ready to Install, Here, click Next
  5. Now, Net Nanny Software will begin to installing, but it may take few minutes
  6. After completing the Setup Wizard of Net Nanny software, then click on the Finish
  7. Now, for establishing a connection with your account Net Nanny will start the communication with our servers.
  8. Now, here you have to Sign-in Net Nanny software with your existing account credentials. If you don’t already have an account click on “Don’t have one? Create one.”
  9. Now, you are able to see the User option. Here you have to select the option and then select the Add User option. After adding the user, you will able to select during the installation in which one you want to tie up to the PC.
  10. After tying up to the computer, the installation of a Net nanny is also get finished.

Operating System which Net Nanny Support:

Net Nanny Software supports most of the versions of Windows and it also supports the Mac operating system.

  • It supports Windows 10/ 8.1/ 8/ 7/ XP and Windows Vista OS.
  • Net Nanny is also available for Mac OS

Net Nanny for Android:

Many persons search that “Net Nanny for Android” and want to know that Net Nanny is available for Android or not. I want to say that Net Nanny is available for Android.

Technical Support for Net Nanny:

Sometimes user faces issues in the Net Nanny Software while installing and other situations. If you also want any type of help in the Net Nanny, then contact to Online technical support number (800) 485-4008. for help. This is the best option to get help, here our experts assist you in the issue and also resolve all the query and issues. Our experts are highly educated and have long experience in the same field. They have the perfect solution to all the technical issue in the Net Nanny software.

If you are not able to solve your problems and want a remote assistance, Please feel free to contact our  official number  (800) 485-4008. expert technicians will assist you to solve your issues.