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How to Install Drivers Windows 10

How to Install Drivers Windows 10

Learn how to install drivers windows 10? As you are aware, the driver is software that uses a device to work with your computer. At the point when your computer is working inappropriately. You can check whether the driver is installed effectively or not. Faulty drivers can simply be the reason. To settle the issue, you have to update the driver. For some devices, Windows can automatically update the driver. Existing devices, especially for some devices, require you to install manually updated drivers then you need to download the driver manually.

How to download the driver manually?

For downloading new drivers, you need to visit the website of PC manufacturer or website of the device manufacturer. Driver updates are regularly available in the support section of these websites. If you are a user of branded PC or laptop, then it is recommended that you visit the PC Creator’s website to check the latest driver first, as they can customize the driver. You need to use the PC model or PC Identity and operating system by which you can download the correct driver. Typically, the model of PC may be found on the machine. You need to know the device model for the downloading of a driver from the manufacturer of the device.

How to install drivers manually

The file which you have to download may be an executable (File name ends with “.exe”.) or in zip format (File name ends with “.zip”).

For executable files, to manually install drivers, you have to double-click on the file and obey all instructions presented on the screen.

For a zip file, you have to unzip that file and find the executable file in the archive. If you are not getting the executable file, you need to install a step-by-step driver using the “.inf” file. The following are the steps to refer to how to manually install drivers in this context.

  1. Go to the device manager.
  2. Find the device that needs to installed by the driver
  3. Press the right click button on the device and choose Update Driver Software

    install driver windows 10

  4. Select the driver software to browse my computer.

    install driver windows 7

  5. Choose Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer.

    install driver windows

  6. Click on Have Disk button.
  7. Click on the Browse button. Navigate to the folder where the downloaded driver file is saved and browse the “.inf” driver file.
  8. Click on the OK button then for finishing the installation click on the Next button. You may be asked for an administrator password or to confirm your choice.

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