No Boot Device Found Error or 3FO Error on HP

How to Fix No Boot Device Found Error or 3FO Error on HP?

So, today’s topic of the article is how to fix no boot device found an error or 3FO error on HP PC. So, here we will discuss how to fix the 3fo error and their causes as well. Amongst numerous system errors, ‘boot device not found error’ is the most common problem faced by computer users. And it occurs unexpectedly, without giving you a chance to act. But you can easily fix the boot device not found 3F0 error by following a set of measures. These remedial measures are applicable when you see any of the following hard drive errors on the screen:

Method 1: Perform a Hard Reset

A hard reset re-establishes the connection between the BIOS and the hardware. Performing a hard reset is easy and it may fix the boot device not found 3F0 error. Follow these steps:

  1. Turn off the computer.
  2. Remove the computer from any docking station and unplug the AC adaptor from the computer.
  3. Ensure no peripheral devices are connected to the computer.
  4. Now press the Power button for 15 seconds to drain out residual charge.
  5. Press the Power button to start the system.
  6. Once the Startup menu appears, use arrow keys to select Start Windows Normally and press Enter.
No Boot Device Found Error or 3FO Error on HP

Method 2: Restore BIOS Default Settings

Sometimes, the system is configured to boot from an unbootable disk. To fix the boot device not found 3F0 error, follow these steps:

  1. Press the Power button to start the computer, and immediately after this, repeatedly press the F10 key to enter the BIOS setup menu.
  2. To load and restore BIOS Setup Default settings, press F9 on the BIOS setup menu.
  3. Once loaded, press F10 to Save and Exit.
  4. Select yes, and then press Enter when it says Exit Saving Changes.
  5. Follow the instructions to restart the computer.

Method 3: Fix no boot device available error due to active partition error.

If there is more than 1 active partition that boots the system, then Windows does not know which one to boot. This may happen due to your using of Disk Management or other disk mange software to adjust the disk partitions before the error happens, the problem may exist on your hard disk.

Method 4: Check, Repair or Reinstall Computer Operating System.

After these steps, if your computer no boot device available error is not solved, you can check the operating system files and folders. If the problem happened because of unexpected deletion, try to recover them first with you, undelete file recovery software. If they can’t be restored, try updating or reinstalling your operating system to see whether the same “no boot device available “error message pops.

Method 5: Run antivirus software or format your hard disk to clear the virus

And your “boot device not found” error may also cause by virus infectious, you can run antivirus software or format your disk to clean the virus.

Causes of no boot found Error

1. The computer just has been misled to boot from an unbootable hard disk or device

If you attached an external hard drive or USB and wrongly set it as a boot device, or you used to change your PC boot device order, these actions may lead to no boot device available error. In this situation, you can check your boot device order in BIOS mode.

2. The computer internal hard disk gets jammed/damaged or corrupted somehow

When your internal hard disk gets jammed or damaged somehow, your computer may also report that no boot device available error. You can check the disks status and running diagnosis.

3. The computer’s boot hard disk MBR sector has corrupted somehow

The MBR sector is a hard disk that contains operating system files and drivers required to start a computer. Therefore, once this drive is damaged, such PC “boot device not found” issues will happen.

4. The Operating System has changed configuration settings or damaged disk

Normally “no bootable device available” issue is caused by operating system errors. For instance, your OS updated its system files or experienced file losses when it frozen? I wouldn’t deny that those situations may occur during daily use. It doesn’t matter what is the cause of it, check your OS files and folders might be a solution to it.

5. The computer infected with a virus

A trojan is the biggest nightmare for any internal hard disk and it can damage the hard disk MBR sector, OS files, and folders, as well as internal hard disk and even more somehow you will have to deal with it eventually. We truly hope it has not done any harm.

So, these were the steps of fixing no boot device found or 3FO error on HP PC on windows 10 as well as the steps are almost the same for different variants as well.