14 Fixes for Macbook Sound Not Working

How to Fix Sound Not Working on Mac?

14 Fixes for Macbook Sound Not Working is:

Method 1: Check PRAM/NVRAM

PRAM/NVRAM and Terminal fixes for MacBook sound not working. Parameter Random Access Memory or Non-Volatile Random Access Memory. These two are not that common to be known, which appear in Power PC and Intel Macs respectively.

The solution for this is to reset PRAM/NVRAM on your Mac. To do that:

Steps to Reset PRAM/NVRAM

  1. Firstly, you need to turn off your Mac and disconnect any USB devices other than wired keyboards.
  2. Then, you need to turn it back on and hold down the “option” button, the P and R buttons.
  3. Keep pressing those keys until your Mac restarts. And You hear a second startup chime or, on Macs with a T2 Security Chip. Until the Apple logo appears and disappears again

Method 2: Check the Volume

Sometimes, the volume key might get off due running of some apps. Check volume by reducing and increasing the volume.

Method 3: App Problem MacBook sound not working

When sound is not audible then better check the sound in some other app as sometimes that particular app sound is muted or not audible. For example, you mac sound not working in chrome then once try at least in iTunes, safari, etc. And then check your sound.

Method 4: Check for Mac Hardware Issues

Sometimes it the port that is at fault. So, check there’s nothing plugged into the headphone out port and if you see a red light on that port. Then there is a problem with the port, or something blocking it from connecting your headphones. Try blowing on it to clear dust, if that’s the case.

Method 5: Play something

Just by restarting and checking if there is definitely no sound coming from your Mac by playing something in iTunes. Now, follow the next step to fix sound not working on mac.

Method 6: Turn it off and on again

Sometimes just muting and playing also solves the issue, even setting the sound setting to reset

Method 7: Update your Software

Firstly, you will have to check that you are running the latest version of Mac OS X or macOS available for your Mac. As some times your speakers are of an updated version and mac is not. Or mac needs updates to work properly.

Method 8: Restart the Sound Controller

This sound controller controls the sounds for yours. So, you will have to open Activity Monitor and locate ‘CoreAudio‘ in the list of processes, select it and click on the X to quit that process. The process will restart straight away and in doing so may fix your problem.

mac sound not working

Method 9: Chec0k System Preferences

For this issue, you will have to open the System Preferences and click Sound. Click the Output tab and click on Internal Speakers. Check that Mute next to Output Volume is not muted. Make sure that the Output Volume slider is moved to the right.

Method 10: No Internal Speakers

Now, this is a serious issue as if we only use any external device more often than the internal speakers then the mac might not recognize the speakers. If you see Digital Out instead of Internal Speakers in the window, disconnect anything that is plugged into your Mac. Still, the Internal Speakers are not listed as an option in the Output window then you need to contact Apple Support for help.

Method 11: Plugin your Headphones

Sometimes just plugging your headphone or speaker back while pressing and holding one of the volume buttons. This can solve this issue so, after doing that check if the issue is solved.

Method 12: Check Volume Level

Check the volume level of your speaker or headphones. Sometimes there are volume controls on the speakers themselves. You may find that they are turned right down, or even switched off.

Method 13: Check your Other Ports

Disconnect anything else that is plugged into your Mac. From the audio port as Thunderbolt, HDMI, and USB devices could be channeling the audio away from the headphones or speakers. For example, if you have plugged your Mac into your TV via HDMI, and you are wondering why the speakers plugged into your Mac aren’t getting the audio, it’s because the sound is being routed to your TV. There is a separate method to solve the issue in such cases. The given below are the solutions:

  • If you want the sound to play through speakers plugged into your Mac while the pictures play on the TV screen. You should be able to switch to your speakers by right-clicking on the audio icon in the menu bar at the top right of your Mac. And selecting the speakers there.

Method 14: Contact Apple Customer Service

If you are having problems with non-Apple headphones. Try using Apple-branded headphones to see if they work. Sometimes this might create a solution and this may not solve the issue completely. So if the apple earphone gets connected to contact the Apple Tech Support and get the rest sorted. The Apple team will help you to fix macbook sound not working issue.

Generally, If none of these solve the problem you may need to get the hardware checked out by Apple. As of now, this has to be the hardware issue.

Check Your Equipment

While this is not a successful scenario. As while HDMI cables are capable of transferring the audio as well as the pictures. Some older equipment may not be able to receive the audio. Check this isn’t the case with your set-up. If this is the case call apple customer care.

Check Your HDMI Cable

Sometimes, not a proper arrangement of cables, if the cable is looped into coils or bends that might affect the sound. Also, check to see if there are any bent pins in the port where you have connected with the HDMI cable.

All the mentioned solutions are for the issues related to the sound not working on mac will be solved. If nothing of these hacks work. Then this is a notifiable issue which is to be brought to the notice of the apple customer care.

This doesn’t solve the problem you may need to get your Mac serviced as it could be a sign of failing hardware. If none of these solve the problem then consider taking the Mac back to the Apple Store and getting the hardware checked out.