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How to Fix iTunes Not Responding Error Mac or Windows?

Fix iTunes Not Responding Error

iTunes not responding, If your iPhone is not connecting with your system. Or else there is a problem with iTunes on your Mac and Windows, So you have reached the right place. Apple is a high standard company that makes many products for its customers like iPhone, iPad, MacBook, iPod touch etc. And the company also makes its software too to provide the best service. One of them is iTunes media player software.

iTunes is a premium media player software designed by Apple Company. It is a music player, online radio broadcaster, a media library, and mobile management application and software. This is a cross-platform application. This software is available on Apple’s products both Mac and Windows platforms.

You can organize your media libraries, playlists and more. You can download related quotes, videos, and media related items from this media player software. The iTunes Store is available on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Like other software and applications, Apple’s iTunes has some good features and some Error. iTunes not responding is a very common error message that iTunes users see on the screen. The person like you, who have been using iTunes media player software, have received the solution for this error if you also want a solution, you can follow the steps given below.

“iTunes not responding” Error On Windows 7 or Higher

Are you Experiencing issue with iTunes on Windows 7 or higher? Your iTunes is not working properly as you want and goes through this section stays on crashing.

If your iTunes does not start then you will see an error message

How to use Save Mood

Sometimes the Save Mood proves to be beneficial for iTunes not responding error. You can start your iTunes software in the Save Mood. Press and hold down [Shift+Ctrl] Key of your keyboard while starting your iTunes Software in saving mood, there will be a message on the screen “iTunes is running in Safe Mode. Visual plug-ins you have installed have been temporarily disabled” Let all set to remove third-party plug-ins your problem does not happen in Safe Mode.

Disconnect your device from the Internet

With other products, Apple can face the problem of starting the video with the title. And the problem coming in these services is due to the device being connected to the Internet. You can see that the amenities issues need to be resolved.

If you off your device from Network and you are in a position to not face any further problems in starting the iTunes, then you can make all the updates that are required.

Below there is more solution for iTunes not responding issue.

Sign Up Apple iTunes User Account

User accounts are user profiles of your operating system. Try the user account and check that the problem still remains.

User-centric issues

Go ahead, you try to solve any problem related to the user. if you are facing any problem while solving the same issue with the new iTunes library you can restore the old iTunes library and after that, if the same problem is coming again then you follow the given methods.

How to return the old iTunes library file.

  1. Close the “iTunes”
  2. Press the [Shift] key when you are opening the programme
  3. Create a New iTunes library, if  the same problem comes with the new iTunes library then restore old iTunes library  
  4. So the old library produces the same problems, contact Apple support for help.

Open the content files and check it when your iPhone is not giving any answer to the issue yet. there also can be an error with your content files.

sometimes causes of audio files there are some errors with iTunes software iTunes not responding message presents, iTunes is not opening, iTunes is not giving any answers. You can follow these steps to separate the file by causing the problem:

  1. Exit the iTunes
  2. Open iTunes Destination Folder. For example C: Users Username My Music iTunes
  3. Move your iTunes.itl to your desktop.
  4. Open your iTunes software. Your library will be empty
  5. To open the iTunes Menu bar, press [Crtl] and [B] Key on your keyboard.
  6. Open the folder where you keep your Music
  7. In the iTunes window grad and drop your music files, songs or albums
  8. Wait for a while because iTunes will add dropped items to your library and continuously scan your device for a playback scan. This process has been successful in continuing to add songs to your computer device.

Cause of System Issue

  1. When we scan for our system due to harmful files. The Scanning system can also become a cause for iTunes not responding or iTunes has stopped.  
  2. Always keep your Antivirus updated.
  3. Adjust your anti-virus and firewall settings
  4. Check your iTunes software is properly installed.
  5. You should keep your system’s drivers to update also.  Because it causes iTunes software issues.

iTunes Not Responding on Mac

  1. Check your internet connection is available properly because most of the time apple software connect to iCloud and apple services.
  2. Check also apple server is available in your region state or country. The user faces these kinds of problems when the apple server is down.  
  3. Always keep your iTunes software and drivers updated.
  4. Set time zone according to your country. If these things will not be filled in the proper way, it can create iTunes issues. 


Apple has made iTunes software as an application. The MacOS firewall permits applications to receive incoming connections signed by the apple company. If the setting has been set up before of your firewall application you may need the permission of the incoming connection. If the error persists then proceed and reset the cache of the approved certificate.

  1. Check your desktop and open finder
  2. Go to the menu and select Go band to proceed to the Folder.
  3. Type this in the box /var/db/crls/.
  4. Enter Go.
  5. Drag the file written ‘crlcache.db’ and ‘ocspcache.db’ to the Trash.
  6. When it  says to type administration password
  7. Then reboot and re-start computer and connect with iTunes store or Apple store.

iPhone Not Responding When Connected

when User connects his/her iPhone with the system do not respond to it and not allow it to connect. By following some tip user can solve this problem instantly. First, the user can use another device’s cable to connect iPhone with the system because USB Cable easily gets spoiled. And this kind of problem arises.

If there is no UBS cable problem so you can use rebooting your device. when we use rebooting method to any device. it solves many problems so the user can reboot his/her PC and also iPhone. Both devices have some installed software and application. software and application Both help to connect the device to each other

Keep updated your application in both devices your iPhone and PC. Because sometimes when applications are not updated do not works properly as we want.

After passing the time Apple devices have some changes in it. So if some anyone who is using  Apple devices can get confused with the device while making any setting with their software or application and you should update your device software from time to time.

if you also facing these kinds of issues with your system we think that you have got the solution. if you are still having any issue go to this click iTunes not responding.

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