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How to Fix Cloud Printer Offline Issue?

Before making any conclusions and moving on to the fixing of the google cloud printer offline issues, first be assure teat you have checked the below mentioned things:

So, even after checking all the above things, if your printer is still showing up as offline mode on your Chrome OS then go for checking out the steps which are listed below:

  1. First thing first, open chrome (browser) on your Chrome OS device.
  2. Point your browser to chrome://devices.

If the printer doesn’t automatically switch from offline to online, click the Manage button associated with your printer.

Make Your Cloud Printer Offline to Online

Now moving on to the fixing problem that your document is not being printed even after the alterations you have already done in the settings for the google cloud printer. So, here are certain things which you should keep in your mind, just take a look at those steps:

Remove Printer From PC

Even if now your printer won’t print then directly go for deleting your printer from your printer list and then again set it up:

  1. Go >>> print.
  2. click >>Printers.
  3. And then click your printer.
  4. Go for the Delete printer option.
  5. Set up your printer.

Here are the troubleshooting steps for google cloud printer offline fix. So, just moving on the steps. Here are the steps mentioned below just have a look at those:

Steps to Fix Cloud Printer Offline Issue

  1. The very first step is to check your printer whether it is online within the local network. And also there should be no out of ink and paper problem. This could be the reason for some printers going offline and this may affect cloud printers as well.
  2. Now you should make sure if the server that google cloud print service is installed on is up and running and it should be able to connect to the internet.
  3. Now, you should see whether the google chrome is functioning and then you should sign in with the same Google account which you have used for cloud printers. It could be possible that sometimes re-login can solve the issues with the cloud printer offline notification.
  4. Then you have to restart the cloud print services and then refresh your printer list.
  5. And then set up a back deployment in another physical server and if you have redundant internet options then set up the secondary server on a different network.

If you followed all the steps and unable to fix the cloud printer offline issue. Then you should contact the printer support number to get help.

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