Reset Your Window 10

How to factory reset windows 7

How to factory reset windows 7

If you are experiencing some chronic functional problems on your Windows computer. It can be happened by different causes, such as software errors, malware or virus infections or others. We have some solution for Windows users. You can factory reset Windows 7,8,10 with the original properties and settings of the windows on your computer device. Performing this activity is called a factory reset. In the factory reset, all of the installed software and modified settings on the applications will be reverted to its actual situation. Actually, resetting your computers factory settings, it can drive fast and best performance from before. Resetting on factory mode will remove all the windows and software’s settings and files. Even it can solve many unidentified errors and crashes from your computer. In this article, you will learn that How to factory reset windows.

windows 7 boot screen

Important Note: Factory reset will delete all programs and files such as emails, images, videos or other format files, which files are saved in Drive C. This is applicable to all versions of windows. So do not forget this important step before performing factory reset window 8,10 on your computer. You need to back up your complete data to secure your important information and projects.

You need to follow several steps to know How to factory reset windows 8,10. After that, You have to search and select the correct options, which are still in your computer system as a portion of the overall procedure. You should back up all of your necessary files also portable software to outer storage or another drive of your hard drive. Now follow below steps how to factory reset windows 8,10 on your computer system.

muo w8 recovery usb

Steps to Factory Reset Your Window 10

  1. Start Windows 10 and open Start menu. Type recovery in the search box and press Enter button from keyboard.
  2. When Recovery program will open, click on the Start button situated on the right side below Reset this PC.
  3. Now it will ask you to Insert Media, which contains windows installer it can be a CD or pen drive. You will need to put your Windows 10 installation media to continue.
  4. You need to click on Remove everything; it will automatically remove everything such as files, history, software etc.

Windows 10 recovery

  1. If your computer contains more than one hard drive or more partition on the disk drive, then you can choose, remove all or anyone. Choose to delete all files and data from only the Windows partition or from all disk drives.
  2. Now choose on either fully clean the drive or just remove my files and data for how you, want to make your drive clean and fresh.
  3. Now click on Reset to start. It will automatically reboot. Now your computer is reset to factory settings.

Steps to Factory Reset Your Window 8

If you want to reset your Windows 8. Just follow below steps to make clean windows factory reset mode. Now open the charms of settings means swipe in from the right and hold the settings or just press (Windows Key + I) simultaneously, and then choose Change PC settings. Hold and choose the general category, scroll down, and tap or click the find get started option button to start the removal process below Remove everything and then re-install Windows. it will be a factory setting and will run fast

reset your windows 8 pc

If you are installing Windows 8 and your computer system can’t boot. You can try the Windows installation process through USB drive or installation disk. When it will start then you can select repair your computer system option at the start position of the windows startup installation screen. you can also beat with the help of recovery USB drive access start up the screen with an advanced setup. if you have no installation media or recovery media then no problem. You can create a copy of Windows installation media or windows recovery media from any Windows 8 computer.

Windows 8 recovery drive creator

Steps: How to Factory Reset Windows Computer

Actually, there is a system recovery partition utility available in the Windows. When you will access Windows 7 on your computers factory system. Then you can try this utility to reset windows factory mode settings. Go to Start, search text area, and type Recovery in that box. Now Recovery” in Windows searches box, then select “Recovery” software will open from drop-down as pop up.

system recovery program

  1. Start to restore computer setting, Click on the Open System Restore option button.

system restore program

  1. As you are seeing in the below image, there are several restore point in the list for recovering data. You need to choose a system to restore the factory point. Select one of the restored factory point given in the list. It will recover your files and data now click on the next button. As shown in the below image.

choose system restore point

  1. After finishing operation you need to click on Finish button to reboot the Windows computer and recover your files and data from your pre-stored. When the operation is complete, click “Finish” to restart the computer, and restore computer data from your backup files.

To reset your Windows factory setting mode for a course of causes need a lot of footsteps. You will urge some software to successfully achieve the footsteps in restoring the factory settings of your personal computer system. If you keep any query regarding these guidelines, just contact us. We are here to assist everyone.