Remove Norton Browser Extension From Google Chrome

How to Disable Norton’s Notification

How to Disable Norton’s Notifications and Bundled Software

Norton is also infiltrating such as other antivirus tools. It establishes a toolbar in your Internet browser and shows a notification further when you download any secure file. They release a report with some exclusive proposals. Is it irritating you? You can set up a notification setting to inform when it has a genuine error. In this article, we will learn how to disable Norton’s notifications and bundled software on your internet browser.

These steps below were executed with a deluxe version of Norton Internet Security software. All the procedure should be similar to other versions of the Norton internet security program. If you want to cognize more about how to disable Norton’s notifications and bundled software follow below steps.

Simple Steps to Disable Norton’s Notifications

When you install Norton Internet security software on your computer system, it automatically installs the Norton Security Toolbar and Norton Identity Safe browser extension for Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome. Read carefully to know how to disable Norton’s notifications and bundled software from your internet browser.

Norton Internet security software not only attaches this toolbar to your web browser but also commutes pages to display whether these search results are secure or not. You don’t have any need for this feature. Your search engines and internet browser is already able to block malicious and dangerous websites. Your security software automatically checks for malicious activity on downloads even if you do not use web browser extensions. Norton Identity Safe Extension offers a password manager facility but we will suggest you use some variant password managers instead of these.

We normally do not advise using your antivirus browser extension, because they mostly provide problems for your browsing, we advise removing antivirus browser extension from your web browser. Read carefully this article because we are explaining here how to disable Norton’s notifications and bundled software from your web browser.

Remove Norton Browser Extension From Google Chrome

If you are using Google Chrome, then go to the Menu bar and choose More Tools, then go to Extensions option. You can disable or remove any extension from your browser here. If you want to disable any extension, just uncheck the enabled box situated on the right side of the extension. If you want to remove toolbar extension, search Norton Security toolbar in the opened window. Just click on the trace icon on the right of the Security Toolbar extension. Now selected toolbar extension will be removed from your web browser.

Chrome Extenstion Setting

Remove Norton Browser Extension from Mozilla Firefox

If you are using Mozilla Firefox, then go to the Menu button and choose “Add-ons“. You can disable Norton Security toolbar by clicking on the “Disable” button which is situated on the right side. In the Mozilla, Norton does not offer Norton Identity Safe add-ons, so you can remove this toolbar.

Remove Norton Browser Extension from Internet Explorer

If you are Internet Explorer user, then go to the Menu button and choose “Manage Add-ons.” Now go to the Toolbar and Extensions, search and select the Norton Toolbar and Norton Identity Protection Add-ons from the list of Add-ons. Now go to the bottom of the window and click on the “Disable” push button.

After performing the above step, Norton will solicit you to enable Norton’s browser extension later, but you can select the “Do not ask me” option in the pop-up window. In the future, Norton should not solicit to you enable this browser extension again.

Notification Tab

Deactivate Advertisements, Notifications, Reports, and Background Task Notifications

To deactivate advertisements, notifications, reports and background task notifications you need to do a little change in Norton settings. You can find it in the Norton interface which is situated in the notification area as Norton icon. Norton icon contains a yellow circle with a checkmark inside. Norton icon will be available behind the arrow in the system tray and can be opened with a double-click on it.

Window Task-bar Tab

Just click on the Settings at the right-top corner of the Norton Internet security interface

Norton Setting Tab

You can deactivate antivirus for some time without uninstalling, by clicking on Silent Mode checkbox. At the silent mode, Norton will not act as antivirus. However, it is not a long time solution because it is only for one day in a single time. Norton will disable itself automatically afterward.

To set up all notifications settings, you need to click on Administrative Settings, as shown in the image.

Administrative Setting

Deactivate 30 Day Report

Norton displays a report automatically for 30 days with acknowledgment about functions done in the last 30 days. If you want to disable the report notification, then just close the slider for “30-day report” will still produce the report. It will not just warn            

You can manually view a report for every 30-day by clicking on the 30-day report button. This button will be only delivering when Norton antivirus produce a 30 days report so that you will not see it to install Norton.

Administrative Setting Options

Norton automatically performs some functions in the background, including system cleanup functions and automatic antivirus scan. By default, A notification will be displayed by the Norton during these tasks running in the background.

You can close the notifications if you don’t want to see the Norton Task Notification. Set it to “Off”

Performance monitoring

By default, Norton personally shows special offers for some another Norton products. They are virtually just advertising to promote Norton’s other products.

If you want to shut all these advertising offer based notifications then just scroll down the Administrative Settings screen and setting up to “Off” for Special Offer Notifications.

Special Offer Notification 

Hide Safe Download Notifications

Norton antivirus software automatically scans with a goodwill service, when you download a file from various types of web browsers, peer-to-peer programs, download managers and e-mail clients. It provides information on your screen by saying “(file is safe” if everything is looking good.

These pop-ups are not absolutely essential, if you don’t want to see, you can disable. If there is a genuine problem, Norton can warn you about that problem.

You can disable notifications when downloading a secure file. Go to Settings select Firewall and now Intrusion and Browser Protection then set the Download Insight Notifications to “Risks only”.

Intrusion and Browser Protection 

Block Anti-Spam Pop-ups

An Anti-Spam feature is included into Norton, which is unified with email clients. For example, Microsoft Outlook. A welcome screen is included in this feature, which offers feedback pop-ups and information. If you want to execute Anti-Spam quietly in the background. According to your choice, you can enable or disable this feature.

To disable go to setting and click on the Anti-Spam in Norton’s interface. Go to the Client Integration tab and set up both Feedback and Welcome Screen to Off.

Client Integration

After changing these settings into Norton, It should be working silently and securing computer in the background. Norton discovers a problem so your need is seeing notifications only. By following above all steps you can remove browser extensions from your web browser and get an unnecessary pop-up and notification free web browsing. 

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