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How To Activate McAfee Livesafe

How To Activate McAfee Livesafe

This is normal for a bank, shop, sharing, and many devices To socialize online, everywhere, all the time just protect your PC It’s not good enough now your entire digital life is needed to be safe. McAfee LiveSafe service secures you – your data, identity, And all your devices. Whatever you do, wherever you go, McAfee LiveSafe enables you to stay online with trust.

If you want to get the most out of McAfee LiveSafe as quickly as possible. Just follow these instructions on how to protect an infinite number of devices, manage all your passwords with McAfee SafeKey, and store and protect sensitive files, documents with McAfee Personal Locker.


Are you connect to the Internet on numerous PCs or Macs? Do you have all the guarded? Notwithstanding of at which point several devices you exert to go on your digital career, McAfee LiveSafe protects you from viruses and malware and enables you to doubtless govern and monitor generally told the devices* in your household.


If you have so many passwords, cannot you just keep track anymore?  Or do you use the same password for all your online accounts? Install McAfee® SafeKey for a simple and secure solution for password management that works on PCs.

Firstly install McAfee SafeKey on your computer


Do you want to store your sensitive documents in the cloud storage to save these from the stealing by the hackers?  McAfee Personal Locker is ultra-protected cloud storage that uses biometric certification so you can safely store your personal documents online.

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