How Do I Fix When My HP Printer Not Printing?

How Do I Fix When My HP Printer Not Printing?

I don’t Know why my HP Printer not printing or facing this hp printer issue. Does your hp printer stick? or stop while printing? Just show the error message, then you are in the right place. Please read this article carefully and try to fix the hp printer issue.

Reasons for HP Printer Not Printing Error

  1. Paper Jam Issue
  2. HP Printer Ink & Tonner issues
  3. Printer Driver Problems
  4. Problem with HP Printer USB cable connections
  5. There might be a problem with Wire for Wired Hp Printer
  6. Might be Problem with Router in Wireless hp printer

Check for the issue listed above, if your printer has any of the issues. Then fix it first. If you are not a tech-savvy or non-technical person then you can call our HP Printer support number. We have an expert technician who will help you to fix hp printer issues.

Call Hp Printer Support 1-(800)-108-4746.

How to Fix My HP Printer is Not Printing?

HP Printer Not Printing Black or printed output is missing black color this is the major printer issue. If such a thing also happens to then don’t think you can fix it myself. This Printer only fixes by genuine HP cartridges. You can also remove the black cartridge to print only with the tri-color cartridge, replace any empty or defective cartridges or clean the printhead. If there is an urgent requirement of any handout of yours and also the quality of printout is not a concern, then you can print in backup mode.

How Do I Fix When My HP Printer Not Printing?
How Do I Fix When My HP Printer Not Printing?

Follow the Steps to Fix Hp Printer Not Printing Issue:

Basic HP Printer Troubleshooting

  1. Check the status for printer & Computer.
  2. Make sure the connection is proper.
  3. Make sure the cable you use is normal.
  4. Reboot both the Devices Printer & computer.

Update or Reinstall HP Printer Driver

In the case of HP Printing not printing, There might be a problem due to faulty HP Printer Driver. So, Update or Reinstall Hp Printer Driver as soon as possible.

Set Printer as Default

  1. Press “Window Key + R” together
  2. A run Page will open, by control and hit enter.
  3. Control Panel Page will open on the page.
  4. Find “Device and Drivers” in the control panel page and then tap on it. Press right on “HP printer” that you will
  5. find in the “Printers” section and then select “Set as default printer
  6. Click “Yes” if prompted
  7. You will see a tick below the icon of HP printer which shows it sets as the default printer

Cancel All Print Jobs

  1. Firstly open “Devices and Printers” from the control panel option
  2. Right click on the “HP Printer” and select “See what’s printing
  3. Now, open “Printer” menu and then choose “Open As Administrator
  4. Open printer menu again and choose “Cancel All Documents
  5. After that click the “Yes” button to confirm
  6. Now, all printing jobs have been canceled, so see whether it is running normally now or not