Error E05 On Canon Printer

How Do I Fix Error E05 On Canon Printer?

How Do I Fix Error E05 On Canon Printer?

The Error Code E05 occurs due to the compatibility issue with ink Cartridge installed on the printer. This also comes if the ink cartridge is not installed properly. This canon printer issue fixed by Canon printer support team. They have experience with canon printer and help you to fix issue with printer. The ink cartridge in canon printers have small opening through it discharge the ink. If the printer not used for a long time, the opening dried up and block the flow of ink. Canon printer Error E05 is also happen if the ink cartridge is not installed properly in the holders. It also occurs if the Cartridge needs to be replaced.

Canon printer error

3 Methods to Fix Error E05 on Canon Printers:

Method 1: Reset Canon Printer:

  1. Start Canon Printer
  2. Press Stop button for 5 to 6 seconds to reboot the printer.
  3. Now, it is ready for use.

Method 2: Reinstalling & Clearing Blockage

  1. Open the lid cover carefully of the Canon printer.
  2. Next, the ink cartridge installed on the printer will be visible
  3. Need t press the two “click-locks” key located at the sides.
  4. The ink cartridge will pop-out take it out.
  5. Now, Check the cartridge if it is having any sort of dust particles, or have dried ink in its opening that could be causing the blockage.
  6. Cleaning of the cartridges by tissue and then re-install the ink cartridge.
  7. Check for the error, if it still occurs then, you need to replace the ink cartridge immediately.

Method 3: Replacing Ink Cartridge

  1. Buy new Ink cartridge for Canon printer online.
  2. Re-install the cartridge by following Method1.

Canon Printer Support  (800) 385-2155

If you are still facing this issue or you just want to fix Error E05 on Canon Printer without any trouble just call canon printer support number. We at Canon Printer support will help you to Fix the issue you are facing with Canon printer. Canon printer support team has experienced and expert technicians who will fix the canon printer problems.