Activate System Mechanic

How Do I Activate System Mechanic?

Activate System Mechanic

System Mechanic from Iolo is a complete package of tools to optimize your computer and increase functionality. Each device is designed with complete completion and works for the maintenance of your computer. You can activate System Mechanic in your system easy to make sure your computer is working smoothly. Although the installation process is quite simple, sometimes the error message from the iolo system mechanic displayed on the screen while installation. In case you also receive the error message from the iolo system mechanic installation and do further, just follow this article to activate System Mechanic.

How Do I Activate System Mechanic?
How Do I Activate System Mechanic?

Steps to Install and Activate System Mechanic

  • Find out the smp_dm.exe setup file – on your desktop or in your download folder, which includes a download manager to get the most up to the latest version. Open the file by simply double clicking on it in words.
  • After you open the file, a security alert box may appear asking if you want to run this file. Simply click on the run button in the words to proceed to the next step.
  • The download manager will appear and this download will start. It may take a few minutes to get a new updated version, please be patient as a file download and you can easy way to activate System Mechanic.
  • “Do you want to save a copy of System Mechanic Professional installation file on your computer?” We suggest you click yes, so if you ever need to re-install you can get this file readily available. Use the default folder or select another folder and click “Save” after the “Save As” box appears.

Install System Mechanic

  • For the Setup box, you will see the advice “Close all other applications before continuing.” Take advice and any other programs you are running do not install corrupted, and then click Next to proceed.
  • End User License will appear in the contract. Read the license agreement and if you agree, “I accept the agreement” Then just click on the next button to continue.
  • Select the appropriate activate System Mechanic mode to enter your activation key for which your email was sent on the purchase. Click next, and depending on the selection, you may need to input your activation email address. Click next again to continue.
  • Choose a fear, or just leave it as the default (recommended) and click next to continue. Then decide which components you want to install. If you have installed any antivirus or anti-spyware program, then you should leave it all checked. Uncheck the “System Shield” entry if you want to continue using your AV / as security programs. After you click the next, a warning will come up giving you an uninstall suggestion of any existing security software.

Activate System Mechanic FAQs

  • After this, select the typical or custom settings. We suggest you put it on the typical settings unless you choose a good reason otherwise. Click on Next and you may need to answer some questions:
    • Start menu – Start as recommended.
    • Selecting the type of Internet – Firstly select the selection, broadband (cable, DSL, satellite, ISDN, T1, wireless, etc.) can be changed later in the program.
    • PC Health POS Gadget – To make an easy to access information gadget on your desktop. You can also disable it and enable it later from within the program.
    • Active Care Report – Your Options If You Want To Receive Emails About Your PC Status
    • Create a desktop icon – place a clickable shortcut on your desktop.
    • Finally, click next to continue.
  • After reviewing the settings install. Simply click the Install button in words and the files removed and the activate System Mechanic processed start. Please take a few minutes to install, and do not interfere. You will need to restart your PC to complete the installation.
  • We recommend that you keep checking “System mechanic run system after the restart of the computer”.
  • After that Finish to installation and activate System Mechanic.