Guide to Search Google or Type a Url

With a powerful search engine like Google, finding a web page containing the information you are interested in is easier, faster, and more accurate. The routine action is to fire up your browser, type a phrase into the search box, and walk through the search results.

If you are using a web browser, such as Google Chrome, you may have noticed that the address bar can be used for more than just searching for web pages. Chrome’s search box isn’t just an address bar; it is a multifunctional tool that you can use to improve your productivity. You may have heard about some of the built-in tools this address bar includes. Google redirects its browser to Search Google or types a URL of your choice.

What Is “Search Google or Type a URL”?

“Search Google or type a URL” are the default words displayed in the address bar or search box (now called Omnibox) when you open a new tab in the Chrome browser. It gives you two options to choose from for continuing to use Chrome. You can either type a keyword of what you want into the Omnibox and press Enter to see the search result, or just input the specific URL into the Omnibox and press Enter to go to the page directly.

In the new tab window, there are Gmail and Images on the upper right and Customize button in the bottom right corner. On special days (festivals, birthdays of celebrities, dates of significant events in history, etc.), there is a theme created by the Google team above the Omnibox, and clicking on it will go to the search result of the theme.

The Difference between Search google and Type a URL

One of the most common questions is the difference between searching Google and typing in a URL. The answer is quite simple. Searching Google is like asking a question to a friend, while typing in a URL is more like knowing the address of a specific place.

The main difference is that when you search Google, you’re asking Google to find the best result for your query from all over the internet. When you type in a URL, you’re telling your browser to go directly to that specific website.

There are advantages and disadvantages to both methods. Searching Google can be faster if you don’t know the exact address of the website you want, but it can also be slower because you have to sift through results to find

Type a URL or Search on Google; which One to Choose?

Which one should you select, enter a web address, or search on Google? It depends. Suppose you know the URL of the target website,, for example. In that case, you’d better directly enter the URL into the Omnibox or the address bar on the top and press Enter on the keyboard to directly go to the destination page.

However, suppose you don’t remember the full URL of the page, or you just want to search for something online. In that case, you should rely on the browser’s search feature by inputting the keyword (e.g. MiniTool) into the search box and pressing Enter to let Google search into its library and list all the related websites. Then, you can browse the sites and choose some of them to open.


There is a big difference between searching google and typing a url. When you search google, you are using the power of the world’s largest search engine to find websites that match your query. When you type in a url, you go directly to that website without help from a search engine.


Q: What is Google Custom Search?

Google Custom Search helps you add a custom search box to your website so that people can find the desired product available on your site by searching the keywords. You can configure your custom search engine to search whatever sites you want. Therefore, people using the search box on your site will only see filtered results from the sites you want to show them. Or you can say it is a great way to limit the search results to domain-specific results. 

Q: Should I search Google or type a URL?

For Google to show results that strictly match the word or phrase you specified, we enclose them in quotation marks. This feature will be handy when searching for articles, songs, movies, etc.

If you only need results from a specific site, you only need to type a URL; then, you can specify this directly during the search.

Q: What happens when we type a URL in Google?

If you know the URL of a website, you can type it directly into the address bar to access that website.

Please note that when you type a URL in Google, it should always be well indexed. Only in this case the information will be appropriately interpreted.

Q: How do you reverse Google search for an image?

There are several methods for reverse image search. If you’re a Google Chrome user, right-click on an image and select “Search image with Google Lens”.

The results will include similar images and sites with that image and other dimensions for the image you were looking for.

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