repair Google Chrome when it crashes or doesn't open

Google Chrome Not Working

Google Chrome Not Working on Windows/Mac

Google Chrome desktop and an application on your phone are imperative. Even those who are using iPhone or Mac Currently might still be used for chrome. However, nothing is perfect and the fact that powerful chrome. Google Chrome Not Working below problems has been reported continuously, for example, Google Chrome does not respond. Here is a real case of Google Chrome Help Forum:

This powerful chrome sometimes keeps making great fusses to do far more than Windows / Android / iPhone / MAC, a person. If you are in trouble with such an annoyance, then here are the credible points you can analyze one by one below.

The problem is that most users are running Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP or Mac OS X / running with Google Chrome every version, and it is almost freezing on the computer. There are eight possible ways for you to do:-

google chrome not working

  •  Reboot Your Win/Mac System
  • Clear Browsing Data
  • Update or Reinstall Google Chrome
  • Network Problem on System
  • Disable Hardware Acceleration
  • Close All Faulty Plugin or Extension
  • Use Firefox/Safari Instead
  • Reset Chrome Settings

Google Chrome Keeps Freezing on Android/iPhone

  • Close Chrome and Restart Your Device
  • Check out Network or Reset it
  • Clear Cached Data
  • Update or Reinstall Chrome App
  • Reset Your Device

Reboot Your Win/Mac System: This problem can result from temporary system problems which can now be resolved through a brand new resume. Plus you are forced to pass Google Chrome and then restart your Windows computer or Mac. Here’s how to force chrome to win and stop on Mac.

Ways of Windows:  

  • Right-click on the “Taskbar”
  • Open “Task Manager
  • Choose “Google Chrome”
  • Click “End task”

Ways of Mac:

  • Click the “Apple Menu” icon on the upper right
  • Select “Force Quit”.
  • Choose unresponsive Chrome and click “Force Quit”

After that, give details of your computer a whole new restart. Most of the time, this solution is practical for many unforeseen circumstances.

Clear Browsing Data:  After that, give details of your computer a whole new restart. Most of the time, this solution is practical for any unforeseen circumstances


Ways of Clear Browsing Data for Win and Mac

  • Click the “┇” option on the right top of Chrome
  • Down to “More tools”
  • Select “Clear browsing data”
  • Highlight “Browsing history”, “Download history”, “Cached images and files”, and “Cookies and other site data”.
  • Next, click “CLEAR BROWSING DATA“.

Update or Reinstall Google Chrome: Insects will be fixed in the latest version. You should, therefore, make sure that Google Chrome is up to date.

Ways to Update or Reinstall Google Chrome: –

Step 1:

  • Select “┇” > “Help” > “About Google Chrome”
  • If it’s already updated to the latest, you may consider deleting
  • Re-install Google Chrome on your Mac/Windows.

Step 2:

  • For Mac, it’s recommended to use Mac Master to completely remove unwanted apps and related cached files.
  • Update Chrome on Win/Mac

Network Problem on System: Network disables can’t be the answer to Chrome that you need to check whether your network is working properly or not.

Ways to Network Problem on System:  

  • Reboot your router
  • Disconnect Wi-Fi
  • Reconnect to it
  • Switch to another Wi-Fi.

Disable Hardware Acceleration: In computing, hardware acceleration is to use some of the more efficient use of computer hardware. However, it sometimes goes the other way. In your case, you can stop using hardware acceleration and see if it works.

  • Select “┇” icon in Chrome.
  • Click “Settings” and unfold “Advanced”.
  • Under “System”, toggle off “Use hardware acceleration when available”.
  • Disable Hardware Celebration

Close All Plugins or Extensions: In addition, an incompatible plugin or extension can be blamed. To ensure this possibility, you can open a tab in an incognito window. If the page works, then it means something is wrong with some of your plugins or extensions.


  • You can go to “More tools”
  • “Task manager”
  • After that select some to “End process”.

Use Search Engine Browsers Instead: Fix up All fail; I’m afraid that there is something wrong with Google at present. There are excellent options for

google-chrome Browser

Firefox Browser

Internet Explorer Browser

Opera Browser

Safari Browser

  • Google Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Internet Explorer
  • Opera
  • Safari

Reset Chrome Settings: If you have converted a lot Google Chrome to your custom settings, it can sometimes be incorrect. I understand that the original default may be away from your needs, but make changes. you can try resetting your Chrome settings. Such as:

  • Click “┆” and select “Settings”.
  • Unfold “Advanced” and go a long way to the bottom.
  • Click “Reset” and “RESET” again.

Google Chrome Keeps Freezing on Android/iPhone

In addition to computer users, Android and iPhone users are finding it difficult to get annoyed with the problem that Google Chrome does not answer as well. Some have reported that Google Chrome has somehow released some downloads or after. If Chrome is not working on its cell phone, then here’s the solution you should try.

Close Chrome and Restart Your Device: This is possibly a temporary glitch with Chrome and the easiest way to do this is to stop the fire and reboot your device.

  • Android/Samsung
    • Go to “Settings”
    • After that click on Applications
    • Click Chrome
    • And Force Stop
  • iPhone/iPad
    • Press and hold down “Home”
    • Click on Wake/Sleep buttons until the screen goes dark. Then, wake it up after a while.
  • All Force Stop Chrome on Android

Check out Network or Reset it: Also, make sure that Wi-Fi is working properly. You can see whether your Wi-Fi is in bad condition to switch to mobile internet. Or, if possible, hook up to another Wi-Fi. The last resort is to reset the network settings, which will erase the current Wi-Fi network information.

  • Android/Samsung
    • Go to First “Settings”
    • After that click General management
    • Click Reset
    • And Reset network settings
  • iPhone/iPad
    • Go to “Settings”
    • Click General
    • And Reset
    • Reset Network Settings
  • Reset Network Settings iPhone

Clear Cached Data (Android Only): Since Apple does not offer such a choice for users on the iPhone 6s / 6s as well as the iPhone 7/7 Plus, iPhone 8/8 plus and even iPhone X, this is a solution to Android phones It is special. Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is taking the form of an example: –

  • You can go to Settings
  • Click on Applications
  • Chrome
  • Storage
  • After that select both “CLEAR DATA

Update or Reinstall Chrome App: You can go to App Store or Google Play as to see if there is an update available for the Google Chrome App. Chrome is probably cold due to unresolved bugs, which can be addressed with the latest version. Therefore, when you must keep
the Chrome app up 
to date.

Also, you might as well try deleting and then reinstalling Chrome app on your iPhone or Android. Some have said that this workaround works on them and I think it’s worth giving it a try as well.

  • Update Chrome on iPhone

Reset Your Device: The last approach left to you is to reset your iPhone or Android. I firmly recommend trying this until you find it after following solutions. Your device will be reset to its iPhone / Android factory settings and to erase all existing images, audio files, and other data. Please think twice before you leap.

(Back up and restoring Android data as well as backing up and recovering recommended backup methods), and then follow this tutorial you should backup your Android or iPhone at the first time.

  • Android/Samsung
    • First Go to “Settings”
    • Click on Reset
    • And Factory data reset
  • iPhone/iPad
    • First Go to “Settings”
    • Click General
    • And Reset
    • After that Erase All Content and Settings
    • Reset your iPhone

Hope these improvements help you out. Your thoughts will be highly appreciated. If you liked this post, why not share it and help more people who are stuck in there is no problem.