Fix Dell XPS13 Wifi Issues

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Dell XPS13 is an ideal laptop for users who do not like using heavy equipment. It is lightweight, portable and has a long battery life. There are many active users of this company laptop. But how can such a great device stay without any flaws? In fact, there are countless complications with this laptop and you can face Dell XPS13 Wifi issues. Users often complain about the wireless network not getting there when they want to connect to the internet. You can get in touch with Dell XPS Customer Support for seeking the help of experts.

Fix Dell XPS13 Wifi Issues

Fix Dell XPS13 Wifi Issues

To solve Wi-Fi issues you can simply replace or upgrade your laptop wireless card. There are not many obstacles involved and you can do this on your own. But if you need some tools like a screwdriver, tweezers, a plastic opening device, and a warehouse.

Removing Wireless Card

  • Power off your XPS13 and flip it over
  • Opening eight edge screws on a base cover with a screwdriver
  • Carefully remove the base cover by unscrewing the device
  • Remove the brace located near the wireless card motherboard
  • Disconnect the wireless card cable from the wireless card and slide the wireless card slowly from your slot

Changing the Wireless Card

  • Slide the new wireless card at an angle for its slot
  • Attached cable you removed for the first card
  • Wireless card replaces the brace and fastens it using a screwdriver
  • Put the back cover back in its place and make sure all the screws one by one
  • Flip it upwards, open the lid and power on the laptop

There was no need to configure any settings or to troubleshoot an internal. In fact, this was the right solution you could choose to resolve Dell XPS13 Wifi Issues. If you see that even after changing the wireless card, you are still unable to use Wi-Fi, there is no need to wait for now, instead of reaching the Dell XPS Technical Supportwhere trained and certified technicians solve your all issues.