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Windows 10 Mouse Not Working

Windows 10 mouse not working

Windows 10 mouse not working after windows 10 update

After updating windows 10 creator update, many of Windows 10 reported the problem. There windows 10 mouse not working after windows 10 upgrade. You are using your mouse properly before windows 10 upgrade but after upgrading all of sudden you start facing problem mouse not working. Such as, Unable to click on anything in Microsoft Edge, Click on any folder, Mouse cursor disappears. It is such a big problem because you are unable to use your computer.

Here are some legit methods to fix mouse not working windows 10 issues after windows creator update. Or if you are not much technical sound, and then please call windows tech support number   toll-free. A technician at Microsoft Customer Support will help you without any waiting time. The main problems with windows 10 upgrade appear such as Mouse not working, lagging, stuttering, and mouse cursor disappears.

Mouse Not Working Windows 10

Before starting to performing these steps first test your system hardware, is it working properly. For that, you can restart your computer and change your mouse USB port. If you are using a laptop then please remove the battery and plug it again and restart your laptop. If the problem is fixed then good. Otherwise, follow these steps:

Way 1: Disable Windows Fast startup to fix windows 10 mouse not working issue

Disabling windows fast startup is the simple and best way to fix mouse not working windows 10 after windows 10 creator update.

  1. Press Win + X to open Control Panel and go to Power Option
  2. Go to Power and Sleep navigation and then go to Addition Power Settings -àChoose Power Button functionà Change Settings that are currently available.
  3. Then Enable Fast Windows Startup and Save these Settings.
  4. Reboot the computer to check your mouse not working problem is fixed or not.

Way 2: Update Graphics Driver to Solve Mouse Not Working Windows Issues

Outdated Graphics Card may be the issue of Mouse Not Working windows 10after Windows Creator Update. This can be the reason for some of the windows users. When Mouse start working again by using NVIDIA Windows 10 Graphics Card. You can update your graphics card by visiting there official website and search for an update. If any update for Graphics Card is available then download it.

To Save time and Energy you can call Online Technical Support for Windows toll-free Number  . Online Technical Support has Certified and Experienced Technician to assist you with all of that 24/7. Call today and save your time and energy.

You can also download a software named Driver Talent. It will check for update and update your system drivers. It will fix Display Driver and other misconfigured drivers in flash.

Step 1: Find Driver Which Creates Problem

Click on Scan and Driver Talent Software will Detect for outdated, corrupt or missing Driver Software.

Step 2: Update Graphics Drivers to Fix Mouse not Working Windows 10 issue

Click on Repair to update your Drivers that fulfill requirements for windows 10 creator update. You can directly update any specific software by clicking on Update Button.

Step 3: Reboot Desktop / Laptop

Way 3: Fix Windows 10 Mouse not working issue by Reinstalling Mouse Driver

To fix Windows 10 mouse stops working, you can reinstall mouse driver using the keyboard:

  1. Press Key Win + X that open the Control panel, use an arrow key to Select Device Manager.
  2. Press Tab to switch to devices list and locate the Mouse.
  3. By Using right arrow key Expand it, now use down arrow key to select Mouse Driver.
  4. Press Shift + F10 open the context Navigation.
  5. Select Uninstall device with the arrow keys and Press Enter.
  6. Now Press Enter to Continue
  7. Now reboot your Computer and then install New Mouse Driver after the restart.

Try these steps and fix Windows 10 mouse Not Working issue, if after trying all of these steps. You are still facing mouse not working issue. Then Call Microsoft Tech Support Number  . Technical Team will fix Mouse Not Working Windows 10 after Windows Update for you.

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