unresponsive script error

How to fix an unresponsive script error?

What is Unresponsive Script?

Worldwide, this problem is the highest on Firefox and Chrome. Firefox can show you an error with information, “Warning: Unresponsive Script windows10 / chrome / Mozilla firefox” informs you later that the web page you are trying to open is not responding to you, or to leave a response. This means that the script has stopped working or stopped responding and can freeze Firefox or script error in firefox or hang if it is not being resolved immediately, you can easily solve this problem Applications.

unresponsive script error

Why do i keep getting unresponsive script messages?

  1. Not having an update Chrome Browser
  2. Hardware Acceleration in Chrome
  3. Chrome Extensions
  4. Too much browsing Data
  5. Third-Party Cookies

All these reasons lead to the unresponsive script messages in google chrome browser.

How to fix an unresponsive script error

You have the option of “stop script” or “continue” buttons. Clicking on the “Stop Script” button prevents the browser from existing memory or causing crashes.

Even google unresponsive script pops up because of this .

If this problem is only happening on one page and every other page is fine, then it is probably a script on that problem. Unless you are the webmaster of that page, there is nothing that you can do to prevent this error. If this mistake is happening on different websites, then this may be a problem on your computer or browser add-on.

Open the Browser Console

For a script in the Web page, you can open Firefox Browser Console to open the console, press Alt + F7. Then select Tools, Web Developer, Browser Console, or press Ctrl + Shift + J.In the browser console, refer to a specific script reference or an add-on that generates an error message. If you’ve got an add-on that generates an error, you can disable the add-on to see if it fixes the error or not.

Disable add-ons or run the browser in Safe Mode

To see if the add-on can cause a problem, you can disable an add-on and see if the error persists or not. If so, you can enable that add-on again and try to disable any other. Another option is to open Firefox in safe mode.

Which disables all add-ons. If you do not have any problems in safe mode. Then you can securely assume this as one of your add-ons causing the error of script on this page.

Warning Unresponsive script – How to Get Rid Of Warning

Unresponsive Script In Mozilla Firefox Browser

Mozilla Firefox is a fast and convenient web browser, but when you open multiple pages once, you may have to face the problem – this guide will show you how to get rid of unwanted random scripts in the Mozilla Firefox browser.

This error is telling you that Firefox thinks that a script is exiting control and if nothing is done then the Firefox hanging script can be a web page you are accessing. In an extension you install, Or even firefox tooThe problem is that the website is not running, the script prevents firefox from continuing to work that automatically closes the browser.

Thus, you will see a Firefox unresponsive script error. If you want to stop this problem, just follow these instructions:

  •  Open Mozilla Firefox Browser
  •  At the top of the window in the address bar, type “about config” and press Enter.
  •  Then you will see a warning message that says: “This will warrant your warranty” Click on the button “I will be careful, I promise”
  • You will see several options in the list, and you will need to find the desired settings using the search box.
  • In the search box type: press “dom.max_script_run_time” and press Enter
  •  Then, double click on the search name and a new window will open. There you need to enter number 30 and press the “OK” button.
  • Restart Mozilla Firefox and you will not see this error in the future.

You can also use an add-on as a “this javascript” to fix an unresponsive warning on Firefox.

To install the add-on, click the Mozilla Firefox menu button (three icons as horizontal line) and click on “Add-on”.

In the search field, click the “Install” button next to YesScript and Add-ons. Then restart Firefox and use the icon on the status bar to enable “YsScript”.