Fix Recovery Error Code 0XC0000034 Windows 10

Fix Recovery Error Code 0XC0000034 Windows 10

Windows is the product of Microsoft. Most of the PC in the world use Windows Operating Systems. But sometimes users face error code 0XC0000034 issue associated with any of the Windows Operating Systems. There are so many different types of errors associated with the Windows. But we can divide these errors into two different forms: 

  1. Errors occur when your PC is get started
  2. Errors occur after a long time starting your PC.

Fix Recovery Error Code 0XC0000034 Windows 10

Error Code 0XC0000034 is a part of errors, which happens when your PC is getting started. These are one of the most frustrating errors. Actually, all errors are frustrating, but these types of errors are more frustrating because in this you cannot use your PC. Many people face this issue, it is a common error issue in the Windows. But the question is that How to Fix Recovery Error Code 0XC0000034. I want to say one thing that if you want to Fix Error Code 0XC0000034. Then you have to know what reason behind the issue is. Because behind every issue, there is a reason behind it. If you want to fix the error code issue then you first need to solve the reason behind it.

Fix Recovery Error Code 0XC0000034 Windows 10

About the Error Code 0XC0000034:

Error Code 0XC0000034 is the recovery error code. Because this error happens without opening the Windows, and most of the times the background of the error is blue. That’s this error is also known as

Blue Screens of death Errors.

This error shows the problem in the Boot Configuration Data (BCD) file. Actually, it means that the BCD file in your PC damaged. There are many factors, which can damage the BCD file. Now we know that the 0XC0000034 Error Code is directly related to Boot Configuration file. And this BCD file is damaged because of some below mention reasons:

  • Maybe virus or malware infects your BCD file
  • Many times it happens because of outage
  • Your BCD file may also damage because of incorrect shutdown
  • Also, many other common factors which may cause this issue.

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Because this error only occurs at startup there is only one-way to fix this error 0xc0000034. For this solution, you need to have a Windows OS DVD or USB installation disk. You have to connect one separate computer to the Internet just in case you do not have the original installation disk nearby.


  • Insert the Windows installation USB in your PC
  • Switch on your PC and start the boot process from the installation disk, which you insert.
  • After starting your PC, you have to constantly press “F8” key, which is placed in the upper portion of your Keyboard.
  • Now, Start Menu is open and there is a “NEXT” option, Click on this.
  • After that, in the resultant screen, Click “Repair your computer”
  • Now, click the “Troubleshoot” option.
  • After that, Click the “Advanced options“
  • Now open the “Command Prompt”
  • In the command prompt screen, type “bootrec/fixmbr” and then press ENTER
  • Then, type “bootrec/fixboot” and then press ENTER.
  • Now, Type “bootrec/scanos” and press the ENTER key.
  • And at last type “bootrec/rebuild” and press ENTER.
  • Allow the instructions to run and take effect

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How to Create USB or DVD a Windows Installation Media:

You know that you need to have a Windows Installation Media to resolving 0XC0000034 error issue. But, many times persons ask that they do not have any installation disk. If you also do not have Windows installation disk then…

Here we discuss how to create a USB or DVD becomes an installation disk. Actually, it is very easy to make an installation disk because it eliminates the need to burn the ISO file. To create a USB an installation Disk you need to have a clean USB drive with enough space.

    • In the other working computer, insert the USB drive easily.
    • You have to connect the PC to the internet
    • Now, go to the Microsoft official website
    • Here you have to download the Media Creation Tool.
    • After the download completed, run the tool on the PC.
  • After you run the tool, it will ask what you want to upgrade the Windows or to create installation media. Here you have to choose that “Create installation media for another computer.“
  • After that, Select “Create a bootable USB” instead of the ISO file
  • Now it will download the necessary files, which are important, you have to wait for this. The tool is also creating the bootable USB that you need.
  • Now, remove the USB safely from the computer. then you have a Windows Installation Media.
  • Now, you can easily fix the 0XC0000034 error code issue, with this Windows installation USB.

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