Norton Antivirus Installation Discontinued Error

Fix “Norton Antivirus Installation Discontinued” Error?

How to Fix “Norton Antivirus Installation Discontinued” Error?

It becomes very hard for a person when he/she is not able to use an antivirus software on his/her computer or laptop. Due to some online threats, antivirus has become very important for any PC or Laptop because Antivirus provides protection against threats such as viruses. Around all in this time, apart from all the antivirus which are available in the market, Norton is considered as the best Antivirus. But sometimes people face some problems while Installing Norton Antivirus on their PC or Laptop. If You are also fed up with Norton Antivirus Installation Discontinued error, you are the right place because this blog can be beneficial for you and from here, you also can connect with our experienced expert with Norton Support.

Norton Antivirus Installation Discontinued Error

Whenever your Norton Antivirus installation has stopped you can also try to perform under some troubleshooting steps. One thing you should focus on is to follow the procedure as it is given below. Without leaving any step for the best solution.

Easy Steps to Reinstalling Norton Antivirus

When the Norton antivirus installation process has stopped or disconnected, then you must follow some point to restart the installation process. This will help you solve the Norton Antivirus Installation Discontinued problem.  You should read all the points carefully and resolve issues related to Norton AntiVirus installation.

Step 1: Install or Download Norton Antivirus Software

Open the Norton Setup window and click on the Download Norton Button. You must enter the product key and click the ‘Agree and Download’ button. Follow the installation wizard to run the downloaded file on your PC or Laptop and install the file.

Step 2: Please login Norton Account

First of all, you will have to Install Norton Antivirus to get registered at the Norton website. If you are already registered, then that is GREAT. Otherwise, you must register through your correct email address and password. You will find the verification link on the email account provided by you.

Step 3: You should clear al the Cash and Cookies

To allow sequential downloading downloads, you must clear all the cookies and browsers that are using the browser. Because Cookies consume system memory and they slow down the system’s performance. that is why Norton antivirus problems come.

Step 4: Restart Downloading Files in Chrome

If you are taking Google Chrome in use for your system, you have to start Norton Antivirus file through following given tips.

  1. Go to the Top of Chrome Browser page on the right corner
  2. Click on the Download word
  3. Try to find Norton Antivirus Download File
  4. Click on the Resume/Stop button to restart to download the Norton Antivirus software file.
  5. Hence, it will start to download.

You will have to set up one of the above-given methods when you will not face any kind of difficulty. And besides, your closed installation will be fixed. All the time, you should ensure that you have a high-speed internet connection. In case, if you find any other troubles or phases you get confused then do not hesitate to get Norton support at the earliest to get a solution for Norton Antivirus Installation Discontinued error. The representative will help in resolving this matter without any extra effort.