Causes of the Mshtml.dll Error

How to Fix the Mshtml.dll Error

How to Fix the Mshtml.dll Error

The mshtml.dll error is a very common error that affects computers by using Internet Explorer. The error usually indicates that when you try this internet browser and it’s really easy to use, how to do it here

What Is The Mshtml.dll Error?

Mshtml.dll is a file that is integral to the smooth operation of Internet Explorer. Not only does it actually handle the processing and purchase of web pages, but it is also responsible for many other Internet-related tasks in your system.

The usual dll error looks like this:

Internet Explorer has encountered a problem and needs to close it. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Click here to view the error report”

When you generate the report, you will see that the Mshtml.dll file is behind the problem.

Causes of the Mshtml.dll Error

This error caused by several different reasons, which you can see here:

  • File is missing or corrupted by your system
  • On this File is an old (or corrupt) version of previous versions of Internet Explorer
  • File is unreadable or unreadable
  • Virus has damaged the file

All these problems are possible causes of Mshtml.dll errors, and therefore it is important to fix them. What you should do to improve these errors at the best, is given below:

How to Fix the Mshtml.dll Error

Step 1 – Replace the File with a Fresh Copy

Unfortunately, this is often the case that the file will simply be damaged or corrupted; windows cannot be read and unable to read it. This problem is very common in earlier versions of Windows and the file has been fixed by changing it to its latest version. To do this, you should follow these steps:

  • Firstly, download a new copy of Mshtml.dll from this link
  • Find “mshtml.dll” on your system(Should be in


  • After that if you have this file on your system, rename it to mshtml.dll.old
  • For instance if the file is not on your system, try placing the new mshtml.dll

File in the C:\Windows\System\mshtml.dll folder

  • For an instance if you already have a file on your system, keep the new version where the old version was.
  • Lastly, restart your PC

Hence it should put a new copy of the file on your computer, allowing it to process that data.

Step 2 – Upgrade Internet Explorer to solve dll problem

– Upgrade IE here

sometimes internet explorer 11 mshtml dll crash is the issue for which:

Most importantly, the Internet Explorer is constantly being upgraded current version of the software (in 2010) is IE8.0. You are trying to upgrade to the latest version of Internet Explorer to make sure that your PC has the latest files and settings that come with it. It is very easy to do and the website link above shows you that in fact what the plan is.

Step 3 – Repair Windows

For an instance if you feel that this does not fix the error, then you would like to repair Windows this is a process that basically restores all settings and system files that Windows needs to run, and on your system, There is a great way to get back the mshtml.dll file. To repair Windows, you must have a Windows installation CD for your operating system and then follow this tutorial how to repair your computer.

Step 4 – Scan for Viruses

There are many viruses that target the mshtml.dll file on Windows because it is important for all the internet processes of your computer. There are a large number of antivirus programs that are capable of fixing problems that are causing problems with the mshtml.dll file, allowing your PC to run smoothly and more effectively.

You can perform an sfc scannow to check all the program files x86 and see if the error message pops up . Command prompt can be of great help. With this you can even solve windows system32 stopped working issue which also leads t mshtml.dll errors.

Step 5 – Clean the windows registry

The registry is a database that stores “DLL path reference” for your system. In simple words, this means that your computer has a central directory that states that where different DLL files are on your PC and where they meet them.

One of the major problems for most Windows systems is that in the way the system delivers DLL contexts in many ways incorrectly, the windows need to understand where files are needed and registry cleaner is used.

This is often the case that reference space for mshtml.dll is incorrect so that Windows is unable to open it – which is thinking about your PC that the file is not found in the first place. Hence these are the ways to remove mshtml.dll errors.