Causes of Printer Error code E2

Fix Hp Printer Error Code E2

The topic of today’s article is resolving HP printer error code e2. So, it is clear that we will first of all mention what is error code e2 in the HP printer and what are its causes. So, error Code e2 and HP printer is a typical malfunction Error in your HP Printer. It is unknowingly very easy to fix HP Printer Error Code e2 while restoring its functionality. This error code is actually a numeric representation to showcase miscommunication between printer and system. This error code, in general, appears when a user tries to print single or several documents, this error code appears.

Causes of Printer Error code E2

Now, directly moving on to the causes of this topic that is HP printer error code e2. So, basically the main cause behind this error is not establishing proper communication between Computer and Printer. If the paper length of the printer does not match with the paper length of the paper, this error comes up. And due to this mismatch, the printer prints the first page with this error. So, as your system bugs by this goof, your printer refuges to print any document or else your HP printer is not printing. And hence these were the causes of the hp printer showing this error code e2.

Here are the steps to correct the paper settings in the HP printer so that the error code e2 gets resolved.  

Step 1: Load the Correct Paper Size

When the paper loaded is a different size than what is selected in the print settings for the print job, remove all of the paper from the input tray, and then load a stack of the correct paper size. If the paper loaded is the correct size for your print job, skip to the

Step to Change the Print Settings

  1. Remove all of the paper from the input tray.
  2. Slide the paper width guide as far as possible to the left. 
  3. Load a stack of the correct paper size into the input tray.
  4. Slide the paper width guide to the right until it rests at the edge of the paper.
  5. Lower the output tray, and then pull out the output tray extender.

Step 2: Change the paper size in the print settings

 Check the print settings for your current print job in Windows.

  1. In the program, you are trying to print from, click File, and then click Print.
  2. The Print window opens.
  3. Open the Properties dialog box.
  4. Depending on the software program, the button might be Properties, Options, Printer Setup, Printer, or Preferences.
  5. Select the correct paper size for your print job, click OK to apply the setting, and then click Print.

Resolve HP Printer Error Code e2:

Or either you may go for the troubleshooting methods of resolving HP printer error code e2. As your system bugs by this error, you might not be able to print anymore. But there is nothing to be afraid of. With the help of simple and easy troubleshooting steps, you can get rid of this error easier than you think. Here, you can find the most suitable steps to troubleshoot this error with less time and effort possible.

Windows 7

To resolve this error, you need to first cancel all the print jobs in the queue. Also, you need to change the print settings in the printing software. Here are the methods to resolve the issue of HP printer error code e2. So, just have a look at methods to resolve HP Printer Error Code e2:

  1. All you need to do is to “Drop” the Print Jobs by tapping on the “Drop”.
  2. The second thing you should do is to change the print work settings for the best results and this could actually work sometimes.
  3. Click on the “File” menu to open General Print Settings 
  4. Next, you have to tap on Printer Properties, Properties or Preferences 
  5. Now, you should change the paper structure and settings for your print work 
  6. Change the quality and shades of print work for better printing results 
  7. Finally, snap-on “okay” get sought after by tapping on Print 

Apply these steps to remove away this error code e2 from its roots and make your device smooth and running.

Windows 10

For Windows 10, you can follow up on the given below listed steps to resolve the HP printer error code e2. So, follow the steps to do the same:

  1. Go to “Printers & Scanners” and then find your printer, select “Manage” and launch “Printer properties“, then:
  2. Go for printer properties>>> General tab >>> Preferences>>Paper/Quality tab>>> set desired Paper size>>> then click OK,
  3. Advanced tab >>> Printing Defaults >>> Paper/Quality tab >>> set desired Paper size >>> OK,
  4. Go to Device Settings tab > Form to Tray Assignment>>> Main Tray >>> set desired Paper size >>>click OK.

Even if these methods are not working in your case then you can visit the official hp printers’ website.