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Fix Gmail Error 400 – “Bad Request Error” in Chrome, Firefox

Fix Gmail Error 400 – “Bad Request Error” in Firefox, Chrome

Gmail error 400 appears on your web browser if you have multiple accounts and try to sign in. You may face the “Bad request error 400“. If you are facing this error then do not worry. We will help you to fix this in a simple way. Below are the steps by which you can fix Gmail Error 400 on chrome or firefox.

Cause of Gmail Error 400

Bad request error code 400 appears because of the problem while storing cooking on the web browser. It is also known as the Gmail error 400.

Ways to Fix Gmail Error 400

This error is due to the storage problem of cookies, you can fix it by deleting cooking. Here are the steps by which you can delete cookies of a web browser.

– For the Google Chrome program, you click “Modify and control google chrome”, More devices – > Clear perusing information. Time officer selects All-time, Click “Clear information” to wrap up. Tweak and control google chrome in here:

– For Firefox, Click Menu – > inclinations – > security – > Clear information.

On the off chance that you would prefer not to erase all your perusing information:

Way 1 to Fix Bad Request Error 400

You can remove the GMAIL_IMP stored in the cookies for

  1. Open Google Chrome.
  2. Right, Click and Click on Inspect Elements.
  3. Select the Sources tab at the Top Left point of the Developer Tools window.
  4. Extend the Cookies area in the left side route by tapping on the bolt by Cookies and select treat.
  5. Discover GMAIL_IMP, right snap and erase.
  6. Close the Developer Tools window and revive page.

Way 2 to fix Gmail Error 400

  1. Open Google Chrome.
  2. Click Customize and control google chrome.
  3. Open Chrome Setting.
  4. Click Show some advanced settings.
  5. In the Privacy segment, tap the Content settings option, in the cookies” segment, click All cookies and site information.
  6. Open then click Done.
  7. Refresh the page.
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