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How to fix error code 0XC000000F in Windows

What is Error code 0XC000000F?

Error code 0XC000000F is a death error code, which appears while starting the computer. It is not that much common error code but if the user faces this issue then how to fix the boot error code 0XC000000F. It is a big issue; here we discuss the best ways to encounter this error issue.

About error code 0XC000000F:

When your Windows is getting old or you use the old version of Windows before many years. Then sometimes you may face the same error issue problem. The error code 0XC000000F issue mostly appears in the Windows 8 and other older version of Windows. But sometimes it also appears in the upgraded versions of Windows 10. This error issue is showed when the user starts his PC. Actually, this error code issue is occurred because of the Windows Boot Manager.

Actually, this error is placed the Windows boot manager and when you start your PC and your Windows Operating System is trying to boot the configuration data. At that time, it becomes impossible to read the booting configuration data and it shows the 0XC000000F error code message.

Error code 0XC000000F Message:

You may see the error message that Windows is Unable or Failed to start, and it shows that the Operating System could not be uploaded.

0xc000000f If you face the same problem then for resolving this error issue you have to know the reasons behind the problem. And for solving the problem you have to correct the issues behind the problem.

Reasons behind the Boot Error Code 0XC000000F issue:

This boot error code occurred because of mainly two reasons, which we mention below:

  • Maybe Boot Sector or System Files corrupted
  • Virus or Malware infects and corrupts your Boot Se
  • Due to Power Outage or Improper Shutdown of Windows, system files corrupted.
  • Perhaps, your System hard Disk damaged: Maybe your hard disk damaged because of a Power outage or other different reasons.

To fix 0XC000000F boot error code, you have to correct the reasons behind the problem. So there is no single way to fix this problem. To solve the issue you need to try more than one solution. When your issue’s cause solved then the issue also solved by itself. If you do not want to waste, that much time. Then you can directly contact to online technician Support number 1-888-294-8062. Here you get the solution of your issue without wasting any time.

Follow below mention ways to fix 0XC000000F Error Code:

  1. Identify the damaged hardware by disabling the Peripheral Hardware:

One of the biggest reason behind the issue is your damaged PC. And you have to identify damaged hardware attached to your PC.

  • Remove all the attached hardware components from your PC like Printer and other. But not remove the keyboard and mouse from your PC.
  • Remove all the CD, DVDs and USB from the ports after removing the hardware.

After removing all other hardware component check that your PC shows the same error issue or not. And check which hardware cause the issue.

  1. Start Your Pc By Using Bootrec.Exe Utility:

The bootrec.exe utility is available in your Windows OS, which helps you to come you out from this issue. The tool repairs the boot files and also trying to correct the boot configuration data.

But before this solution, you need to have the Windows DVD or USB installation disk. Now let us start the process:

  • First, restart your PC
  • After that, insert the Windows DVD or USB installation disk in your PC.
  • Now again reboot your PC and press “R”.
  • Now type “Troubleshoot”.
  • Then type “Command Prompt.”
  • In prompt, Type “bootrec/FixMbr” and then press the ENTER
  • Now, Type “bootrec/FixBoot” and then press ENTER
  • After that, before Press “Enter” key, Type “bootrec/ScanOs”
  • And at last Type “bootrec/RebuildBcd”, before press ENTER

The utility will automatically begin to run. Before starting your PC, it will repair BCD automatically in your PC. After this step, maybe your system starts smoothly without 0XC000000F boots error code issue. But if the issue not solved yet, then you need to call the technical helpline number  to resolve the problem.

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