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How to Fix “Dell Laptop Won’t Turn On”?

Dell Laptop Won't Turn On

How to Fix “Dell Laptop Won’t Turn On”?

How to Fix “Dell Laptop Won’t Turn On”?

If you are a user of Dell laptop and facing problem while using your laptop. Like Dell Laptop Won’t turn on, laptop freezes while using. Then don’t be afraid, just read this article and you will get to know how to fix dell laptop not turning on the problem. Steps to troubleshoot the problem given below, Just read and follow them carefully. You also have another option just call on Dell Computer Support 1800 425 2067 for any laptop or computer related help. The technician on the dell support number available 24/7 to assist you.

Let’s get back on the topic and read the steps carefully

Guide to Solve My Dell Laptop not turning on Issue:

Step 1: Check for Power Supply:

After pressing the power button of the laptop, if the laptop won’t turn on. Then first confirm the battery is charged or not? Thereafter check, the power button is working properly. If Battery is not charged then plug it for charging and wait for 10 minutes, then after trying to restart the laptop.

Remove the External Components:

Remove the external components and try to restart your computer. Because sometimes due to faulty USB Port or Memory Card Laptop won’t turn on. So, just remove all the external devices or components attached to your laptop. Then try again to start the laptop.

Check for Hardware Compatibility:

If your Dell laptop not turning on then first unplugged all the hardware devices that attached to your laptop. Then try to on your laptop. Because sometimes the incompatible device can cause a problem like a printer, scanner, etc.

Check for DCD or CD:

Check the CD drive of your laptop, because CD or DVD in CD Drive can cause a problem. If there is any CD or DVD just remove it and try again to start the laptop.

If you are still facing the problem after trying the steps, or you are tech savvy. Then you can contact Dell Computer support phone number. Because sometimes the problems are really large and cannot be fixed by yourself. Then just call on Dell Support Number because we have trained and experienced technicians to help you 24/7.

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