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How to Fix a PC which Turns Itself On?

Fix a PC which Turns Itself On

How to Fix a PC which Turns Itself On?

Are you facing the same issue your PC is turned on itself even though you definitely shut it down? And no other people can access the computer. Why does it happen? And how to Fix a PC which Turns Itself On?

It happens because of change in settings, maybe your system settings changed. Most of the times you face this issue when the wake on LAN and fast startup settings enabled. Or maybe in settings power the device remotely setting enabled.

This option is often enabled to make the remote control sessions of Team Viewer and other similar apps easier. This function can also harm your computer by unauthorized function. This function makes the device more vulnerable.

Solutions to the issue:

Way 1:  to Fix a PC which Turns Itself On

Way 2: to Fix a PC which Turns Itself On

As we discussed earlier on Fast start-up function, the option can cause this issue. While booting the OS of the computer, this option reduces the time required by the computer.  This function causes many issues. So for resolving the issue disable the function.

Way 3: to Fix a PC which Turns Itself On

If your problem is not solved by the above ways, then check that Wake-on-LAN option on your pc is enabled on your pc. You have to disable this function for solving this issue. There are two ways to do this. First For disabling this, first you have to disable the function in the BIOS setting. The other option is maybe the Wake-On-LAN option hidden under several other options. Load the settings by tapping on F2 or F8 function keys before the Windows logo appears.

Disable function through BIOS:

Disable function through Device Manager:

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