Fake Antivirus Software

Fake Antivirus

Frequently it has seen that antivirus application software is installed without any knowledge of the user. The user has no idea when this software is installed in their system. These are nothing but the different type of scams that create problems to your system. These are showing symptoms of fake antivirus.

Fake Antivirus Software

Fake antivirus, also known as rogue antivirus, is the form of malicious software and internet fraud. This is one of the best ways to make money for the malicious hackers. It manipulates the user’s system to paying money for fake malware removal. It manipulates the user by fear, and the form and ransomware. This is one of the biggest security issues since 2008. This fake antivirus working is very easy. They warn the users that there is a security issue or some threat is trying to attack in your system. These warnings are fake but users think that it is right and they believe on them.

Fake Antivirus Warning

Fake AntivirusWhen you choose to remove the threats, a window has opened and it asked for purchasing the product from that website and after this show you the payment details.

buy siteThese are the fraud sites and after you buy that product the money go to these fake persons. These scams provide money directly to the hackers that are why they are particularly popular. These makers of fake antivirus software want a network for the help to distribute their software.

For distribution their software they use the variety of methods, these designs are drawn into installing the software:

Email and Messaging

These hackers or the cyber criminal is misuse these email, social media and messaging for spreading about this antivirus. These cyber criminals are marketing their product by sending emails, messages, posting or messaging in the social media with the attached software installer.

Search Engine Optimization

Hackers create the websites and pages. Which is related to the common and topical search. These hackers design these pages to appear high in the search engine results. Because these pages are in seen upper position, people will encounter these pages during their regular search activity. These pages may also show to prevention against the threats that encourage the user to buy fake anti-virus.

Compromised Websites

Cyber criminals use these social media websites to spread their software, relying on the sites own popularity to draw innocent users. They also display about fake security and exploiting browser to install their software. They use these techniques to increase the effectiveness of their fraud.

The fake Antivirus Makers use some names like this:

  • Internet Security 2010
  • Malware Defense
  • Security Tool
  • Winweb Security
  • AntiSpywarePro
  • Antivirus Plus
  • XP Antivirus
  • Antivirus Soft
  • Antivirus XP

Prevention from fake antivirus:

  • Never install any program or software without research of this product. Search how much reputable is the software on many different websites. Never trust any software only because of trustworthy advertisement.
  • Never click blindly on the links or banner ads. It will harm your system.
  • Download a quality named antivirus like Norton Antivirus, Kaspersky Antivirus, McAfee Antivirus, and take advantage of its security settings.
  • After downloading a genuine antivirus, enable the firewall to make a layer of security and ensure your security on the local network and the Internet.
  • Use controls like antiphishing, anti-spam, and anti-banner to protect yourself from these type of fake antivirus.

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