Facebook Customer Service

Facebook Customer Service


Facebook Customer Service In today’s world there is hardly a young man who is not on Facebook, even if that person is not able to read and write any language, then it is a sensation that he still shares stages and images with people on Facebook To do The only requirement is to have at least one phone on which the Facebook app is loaded.

This is new to the world’s largest social networking site, which many Facebook users can feel problems with operating their Facebook account. Even experienced people who have been on Facebook for many years, sometimes face logging and privacy issues. They sometimes forget their password, which prohibits access to Facebook accounts.

Facebook Customer Service


The Toll-Free Number is . The certified Technicians are always ready to give an answer to any of their queries.

Following Are Some Common Problems Which Facebook Users Face On a Daily Basis

  1. Many users face several account-related problems, for example, they cannot be able to log into their accounts.
  2. The reasons may be they are either entering the wrong email id, password or both. Some users forget or lost their password and do not know how to reset or recover it
  3. The account of some users is compromised
  4. Some face problems in composing Facebook messages
  5. You are trying to send messages to some particular contact, but sending to the contact fails.
  6. Due to security reasons, some users fail to access their Facebook account.
  7. In some cases, Facebook games are not being able to load properly
  8. Want to play Facebook videos, but it is not working
  9. Receiving too many friend requests from unwanted contacts
  10. Feeling difficulties in uploading profile pictures and cover page

Services Render By Facebook Email Support:

Following are some services rendered by Facebook Email support:

  1. Facebook Customer Care Toll-Free Helpline Number (650) 543-4800. Which is available 24*7? Give a ring,
  2. Microsoft certified experts will offer you every kind of help.
  3. Facebook provides troubleshooting support as well via Toll-Free number for USA and Canada users.
  4. Customer Service Number to reset, lost or forgotten passwords and to correct setting issues
  5. Certified Technicians with tremendous skills ready to resolve your Facebook issues.
  6. An instant Toll-Free Number for Facebook users residing in Canada and USA.
  7. The best-skilled technicians provide support which helps in resolving all the issues in no time
  8. Facebook Support Toll-free Number.

Contact Facebook Customer Service By Phone Call

The Facebook customer service is the phone number (650) 543-4800 if you are outside of the United States, then the U.S. Be sure to add the international calling code for.

How to Proceed?

  • The Facebook team will not directly take your call, which provides direct help. You need to be prompted to reach the specific department of the marketing department, analytics department, security etc.
  • Leave at least the land of your respective department and your message there.

NOTE – Facebook is an internet-based firm, so he resolved most issues via email or contact form.

Contact Facebook Customer Service By Email

Emails submitted to the customer care service of different departments of Facebook, make sure that you are contacting the correct department. If you have contacted the wrong department, then an automatically generated email can inform you that the department was not correct (in a few minutes) or you will not get the answer at all.

  • info@facebook.com
  • warning@facebook.com
  • login@facebook.com
  • disabled@facebook.com
  • privacy@facebook.com
  • support@facebook.com
  • appeals@facebook.com

And, some special emails to contact Facebook…

  • helpdesk@fb.com – Access Help Desk
  • platformcs@support.facebook.com – Contact Facebook for financial issues
  • datarequests@fb.com – Request Access To Your Personal Data on Facebook
  • abuse@facebook.com – Best way to contact Facebook support
  • mark.zuckerberg@fb.com and mzuckerberg@fb.com – Contact Mark Zuckerberg (half credible information)