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Error Code 0xc0000185 On Windows Startup Fixed

Error Code 0xc0000185 On Windows Startup Fixed

Error code 0XC0000185 is one of the very famous threats in the Windows OS. This error code is one of the frustrating error code problems as like other error code issue. Error Code 0XC0000185 usually appears when after the reboot of the operating system. This error is also known as Stop error. Because when you start your PC you face this error issue in your PC.

Error Code 0XC0000185 is the blue screen death error code. This error code does not just appear in Windows 10, it also comes with Windows 7/8/8.1. This is one of the worst error code. But with the good assistance, you can easily fix 0XC0000185 error code issue on your PC.

I always say that searching the solution to the issue. First, you have to know, why this issue happened or the user has to know which factors are behind the 0XC0000185 error code issue. Below we mention the common factors behind this error. And then we mention the solution of the error code issue

Common factors, which may cause Error Code 0XC0000185:

There are so many common reasons behind the error code 0XC0000185. Maybe the below mention factors cause the problem which you are facing in your computer.

    1. Mostly the reason behind the problem is Missing or damaged boot files.
    1. Maybe your disk drive errors cause the issue
    1. Damaged disk drive or hard drive
  1. Maybe your system is suffered from the loose connection of the cable from your system and hard drive.

Ways to fix the Error Code 0XC0000185:

There are so many different ways available to resolve this error code issue in your PC. Below we mention what some common different ways to error code 0XC0000185 issue:

Solutions to fix Error code 0XC0000185 in your Windows OS:

Below we mention the different solution to fix 0XC0000185 error code problem. Try these solutions to resolve the problem. Try every method respectively until the error code problem is resolved in the PC.


If your system needs to have the Windows OS recovery media. On that situation, this method will work to resolve the error. Below we mention the steps to fix error code 0XC0000185. But before that, I want to say that this step is only for those users who have the recovery media.

For this method you need recovery media, but if you don’t have the recovery media. Then you need to contact to the Online Technical Support Number. Here, they will help you in the problem.

Check Hard Drive Connection with PC, To Fix

As we also mention in the above reason part that loses wires to the hard drive is also one of the factors that cause the 0xc0000185 Error code issue. You have to reconnect all the connection. First, you have to unscrew your PC CPU to access the hard disk and ensure that the wires are connected are damaged or loose or not. If the wires connection is loose then re-connect them tightly.

By this method, you can check all the components and confirm they all are properly fixed and connected tightly in their respective places.

Use Command Prompt to resolve the Error issue:

Through this method, you can easily check your computer’s hard disk for any errors. Maybe you cause

Fix Boot Files:

Damaged boot files also cause the issue. Below we mention the commands, which help to fix boot files and tell the PC where the OS is located.

    1. Press Windows key and “R” key combined, and open the “Run” in the below left of the screen
    1. Here type cmd and press “Enter” to open the command prompt
  1. Now in the command prompt, type the below mention commands to fix the boot files.

Bootrec /RebuildBcd:

It fixes the errors caused by the corrupt files and replaces the boot files

Re-install your Windows

This is another method to resolve the error code issue. If the above methods fail to resolve the problem, then check and do this step to fix error code0xc0000185. This fresh installation of Windows clear all the old errors on the hard disk it includes all programs and files.

Most of the times this method helps users to resolve the error code issue unless the hard disk not damaged.

Restore your system to fix error 0xc0000185

Performing system restores reverts your computer system’s state to an earlier date when it worked properly. Performing system restore also cause some bad effects like after this you will lose all the newly installed programs, you also loose newly downloaded media files. So keep these things in your mind before starting this method.

    1. In the appropriate drive, insert the Windows OS installation media.
    1. When your PC start, Press F12 key.
    1. Now you have to choose the installation media as the booting disk.
    1. On the resultant Windows Setup window, click “Next”.
    1. Now select “Repair your Computer”
    1. On the blue screen, select “Advanced Options” and then select the “Troubleshoot”
  1. Now under troubleshoot, select “Restore” and follow the on-screen instructions.

Keep that in your mind that you will lose all the recently installed programs and updates, your computer will boot without any issues.

If you don’t want to lose data and error code 0XC0000185 in your PC is not resolved yet. Then you need to get in touch with the technical support team. In that situation, call to Online Technical Support Number. for the support. Here you get the live experts to support on the related issue.

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