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Error code 0x80070002

Error code 0x80070002 & how to fix error code 0x80070002

Windows error code 0x80070002 is the common windows 10 error that you may face while using windows OS. The Error message may differ from operating system version that installed on your computer. In Windows 10, it is shown as “Error Found: Code 8007002 windows update encountered an unknown error”.

0x80070002From the message that shows this error is related to windows update. You will face error code 0x80070002 while trying to download and install update from Windows official site. Peoples also face windows update error code 0x80070002 while updating windows security. You may also face this issue while creating the backup.

Causes of Windows update error code 0x80070002

  1. Time and date are not properly set on your computer.
  2. Unreliable or slow internet connection.
  3. File mismatch in system datastore folder
  4. A paused windows update on your computer.
  5. System or Registry files are corrupt on your computer.

Ways to Fix Windows Update Error code 0x8007003 Windows 10/8/7

This is the most common error that user face while trying to update Windows operating system. I am telling here in the post some methods to resolve windows update error.

Ways 1: Fix 0x8007002 error code windows 10

Firstly, make sure your computer has fast internet connection. If your internet connection breaks again and again then wait for stable internet connection. Because unstable internet connection stop windows update in-between that cause errors. So, make sure you are using stable internet connection while downloading or update windows 10.

If you are still facing error of “Windows Security essential” then please restart your computer and try again.

Way 2: Configure Date and Time

Make sure your computer date and time is correct because incorrect time and date cause error code 0x8007002 on your computer. Because your computer and internet connection time is different that cause issue while update operating system.  You can resolve this error while doing steps:

  1. Press Win + R keys together to open Run dialogue box.
  2. Write “Control Panel” in the box and press enter.
  3. Goto “ Date and Time”
  4. Click on “Change time and Date” and correct your computer time if needed.
  5. Select your Time Zone and Click on Ok.
  6. Go to “Internet time” Before changes settings.
  7. Select “synchronize with internet time server” and then select a server time according to your location.
  8. Click on “Update now”.
  9. Click on “OK” in two windows to apply the changes.

Now reboot your computer before updating windows 10 operating system. These steps will help you in resolving windows update error code 0x8007002.

Way 3: Install Last stopped Updates

Maybe you try to install windows update before but it was stopped for some reason or because of slow internet connection. Then first try to install all the pending update on your computer. These pending windows updates will help you in resolving 0x8007002 error code.

Search for any stopped updates on your computer. If there is no any pending or stopped windows update then you may look for next method.

  1. Click on Start.
  2. Write “Update” in the box and hit enter.
  3. Search for the uninstalled update in the dialogue windows that appears. And Right click on the service to update.

Go to windows update panel and search for an update for your Windows 10 operating system. This method will help you in getting rid of a 0x8007002 error code.

Way 4: Check for Windows Update Services:

  1. Click on Start
  2. Search for “services”
  3. Find “Windows Update Services”.
  4. Right click on Service and enable it before going for click on start windows update.

This step will help you to fix 0x80070002 windows update error code.

Way 5: Remove Software Distribution folder

There is a folder in C drive of your computer. Here, all the windows updates are stored. Maybe there is some corrupt file in the folder. That prevents installation of new windows update. Delete Software distribution folder from the C Drive that helps to resolve Windows update error. Follow the steps to find and delete the software distribution folder.

  1. Open My Computer from the start menu.
  2. Go to “C Drive”.
  3. Search and delete the software distribution folder. Or you can rename it. And Restart your computer and Try to do windows update.

If you are still facing the issue in installing windows update. Then call our Online Technical Support toll-free number. That will help you in any problem you are facing while windows update or using a computer. We have experienced and trained technician who will assist you 24/7 over the phone.