ebay customer service

eBay Customer Service

The eBay is a multinational e-commerce company and it is headquartered located in San Jose, California. eBay was established by Pierre Omidyar in 1995 and became a biggest and famous success story of the dot-com bubble. This company offers online consumers to consumer and business to consumer sales and eBay.com and online shopping website in which people find and buy a product. In this article, you will know eBay Customer Service detail.

eBay Customer Service Number

This company is multinational and customer using eBay service and buys the products all over the world. But sometimes customer facing and issues like service related product related and any other problem so eBay gives eBay Customer Service for the user. 

eBay Customer Service

Issues and Problem eBay give Customer support:

  • Didn’t receive an item
  • Returns eBay product
  • Postage and tracking
  • Paying for items
  • How to retract a bid
  • Cancel an eBay order
  • Buying as a guest on eBay
  • Forgot your username or password
  • eBay fees, billing, and invoices
  • Resolution Centre link opens in new window
  • Delivery & Returns

If you want eBay customer service and need to any help from eBay, so can contact in some way:

Online Chat with eBay customer support:

You can connect with the online chat option. Click Help & Contact with your convenience. Select a topic that matches best with your query and click chat.

Send us an email:

You can also touch with eBay Customer service email service. Choose your topic that matches best to your query and click email and sends your question, it would take 24 to 48 hours to receive an email response.

Call eBay service:

You can make a direct call or to speak to help. Choose your topic that matches best to your question and click Call Us. Then you will receive a unique code. Enter the code on the IVR and you’ll be connected to an expert who will quickly assist you with your query. You can make a call on the eBay Customer Service from 9.30AM to 7.30AM, 7 days.

ebay Customer Service number:

Customer Service – (866) 348-9519

Technical support –(866) 961-9253