Dell Laptop Won't Turn On

Dell Support Assist not Working

Dell SupportAssist is the first automated proactive and predictive support solution for PCs and tablets. Dell SupportAssist also evaluates the health of your servers, storage and networking devices to eliminate downtime before it even starts. You can also get a resolution of the issue before you even know you need it with automated proactive support for PCs, tablets. Sometimes, users face issues like dell support assists stopped working or Dell Support Assist not responding.

Dell Support Centre is a control panel for system tools and diagnostics. It also contains extensive help sections for online tools such as warranty information, Dell technical support links, and Dell customer support channels. Accessing all the system controls like Device Manager, Network Connections, etc. from a single location can be done using dell support assist.

So, we have already discussed what is dell support assistance and now coming on to the benefits of using dell support assist.

Dell SupportAssist Benefits

  • Dell support assists improve productivity by replacing manual routines with automated support.
  • It also accelerates resolution, or avoid issues completely with predictive issue detection and proactive remediation. 
  • It also maximizes flexibility with the right dell SupportAssist version for you. Choosing the standalone version to monitor individual devices or using the management console version in your data center, or for managing PCs across your business.
  • Dell Support Assist is included with all support plans but its features vary based on service level agreement

How to Fix Dell support assist not working

Now we will discuss “how to fix dell support assist not working”. So, basically, we will be discussing fixing of dell support assist not working issue by two methods here. So, coming on to the first method.

Method 1: Uninstall Dell Support Assist

By Uninstalling Dell’s support assist and by deleting the files, we can fix the working issue of the dell support assistance.

you will need to uninstall Dell Support assist through programs and features in this method. After you have finished the uninstallation procedure, you will need to delete all the files and folders related to the Dell Support Centre or let us say Dell Support Assist. Now, we will show you how to fix dell support assist not working on Windows 10 and the same procedure is compatible with previous operating systems.

  1. The first step is to hold the Windows logo and press R button at the same time.
  2. Now, type appwiz.cpl and then press enter key for opening programs and features.
  3. Navigate to Dell Support center or Dell SupportAssist
  4. Then right-click on DellSupport Centre or Dell SupportAssist and go for the uninstall option.
  5. Wait until Windows has finished removing Dell Support Centre or Dell SupportAssist.
  6. Now, hold the Windows logo and press Ekey simultaneously to open file explorer or Windows explorer.
  7. Click This PC or My Computer which is there on the right side of the window.
  8. Navigate on following location C:Program Files and delete folder Dell Support center or Dell SupportAssist.
  9. Navigate on following location C:Usersyour username AppDataLocalTemp and delete everything in folder Temp.
  10. And then again navigate on following location C:Users your usernameAppData roaming and delete the PCDR folder.
  11. Then finally it’s time to restart your Windows machine.
  12. And now, enjoy working on your Windows machine without getting Dell pop-ups.

Now, coming on to the second method of fixing the issues of dell support assistance working problems.

Method 2: Performing a System Restore

We have already discussed System Restore so many times. And this term system restore actually means to recover the data when everything was working properly. System restore can help you to solve the issue with reverting back your system to the previous state when everything worked properly. And make a note that you cannot restore your Windows machine to the previous state if System Restore is turned off. So, just have a look at how to perform a system restore. You can go and check this site if you want further information regarding the system restoration procedure.

Note: And now coming on to the third method of fixing issues of dell support assistance working problems. This method deals with the reinstalling your windows on your device again.

Method 3: Reinstall Windows OS

So, now elaborating this method in a simple way. Almost every user can solve their problems by uninstalling the Dell support assistance as we have already discussed in the above section of this article and then again by reinstalling the Windows and Dell Support Centre or Dell Support Assist could help to a great extent. At first, you will have to do a backup of your data on the external hard disk, shared storage or cloud storage, and after that reinstall your operating systems, install drivers and applications on your computer. These were the methods useful for fixing the working problem of dell support assist.