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Create Norton Backup Online My Norton Account

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Ways to Create Norton Backup Online My Norton Account

Disasters come without any information. Therefore, we have to always prepare our self for them. Hard drive crashes, data is being corrupted and unintentional deletion is some ways by which we lose our important data. It is also an accidental disaster for us in this modern world. In this world, where computers become part of our life. It saves all our data and data or companies have important data in them, which affect them so much financially. So the question arises is how to protect our data from these disasters. Let’s create a backup with Norton Backup Online.

Online Backup Software

There is so many online backup software is available for this propose. But Norton Online Backup for My Norton Account is the best in all of them. It gave you complete security to any catastrophic loss of data in the hard drive. Online Backup is the product of Norton by Symantec. Norton Online Backup has the best features in all online backup software.

Most of the people’s do not use any Online Backup Software. Whatever the reason is but I strongly request to everybody that backup software is very important for the protection of your important data.

How to Create Norton Backup Online

Download and create Backup Online is very easy, but many times we face problem in installing it. We are giving you the best and easiest way to install Norton Antivirus Backup Online. We are giving you a systematic description of installing Norton Backup Online.

  1. Create a Norton account:

If you have your old id then directly go and sign in into the Norton online backup account.

  1. Set up your Account

  1. Add computer to Norton:

  1. Configure IT

    • Next, to the computer setting, click settings
    • Choose the 5 categories of backup in the what tab
    • Do one in following for run the backup in what tab
      • Select the schedule and then select automatic, if you want to run backup automatically in some days.
      • Choose the schedule and then select daily, monthly, if you want to schedule in this manner.
      • Select Manual, if you want to run the backup manually.
    • In other tabs, select the speed of the backup and then save the settings. Now it is ready for use.

Now the protection of your data is started.

Get Antivirus Support 000 800 100 7601

If you are Not able to create Norton Backup by yourself Contact Our Norton Technical Support team. They will help you in Creating Backup Online.

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