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CIBC Customer Service

CIBC Bank Customer Care

CIBC Customer Service has previously acquired the knowledge of Caribbean banking through our heritage organizations, Barclays PLC and CIBC through the combined experience of approximately 250 years in the Caribbean. Both have the distinction of being the oldest bank in the Caribbean. They were a part of the development of this area since the days of salt cod and rum. Since then, many changes have been made, tourism is a new export, and West Indian businesses are now taking over the world. The first Caribbean will be there to make that goal possible.

CIBC will continue to work as a Caribbean business within the first CIBC group of Caribbean companies and will continue to operate as First Caribbean International Bank Limited in Barbados, Trinidad, Jamaica, Bahamas and East Caribbean shares. In the early decades of the nineteenth century. The first joint-stock banking companies were established in England, which provides more resources and protection for shareholders and customers. In favor of this background, and favorable economic conditions in both England and the West Indies, a group of traders and bankers in London decided to set up a bank to work in the West Indies.

CIBC Customer Service Numbers

  Customer Service 1 (877) 448-6500
  Credit Card 1-800-465-4653
  Bank by Phone 1 (877) 448-6500

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