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Canon MX490 Printer Setup

Setting the “canon MX490 printer” is not different in windows and the other operating system. It is just a difference between two steps.

Canon MX490 Printer Setup to Computer

This is a simple procedure to set up. But we need to know how to establish a wireless or USB connection of the printer. This method can be used for any operating system of any bit. Like Linux, Windows ..etc. For a wireless connection follow this method:

Setup Canon MX490 Printer with Wireless PC

Canon Printer Support

If you had to do with the USB remember that while doing with the driver wizard click “no” on the wireless connection and connect the USB of the printer to the computer. Ensure the printer is switched on and there is a light blinking. Remember these while the installation of a driver on your computer. If a screen requiring you to allow changes to the computer is displayed, allow the changes. If a Windows Security screen indicating that the publisher of the driver cannot be verified is displayed, allow installation.

When acquiring driver information using the Canon Driver Information Assist Service, if a warning regarding removing Windows Firewall blocking is displayed, remove the block. If you use the installer to install a driver, you can update existing drivers at the same time that you install the new driver. This is how you install safely the canon MX490 printer setup.

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