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How to Block Pop-Ups On Google Chrome windows 10?

Are you using google chrome on windows 10 and facing pop-ups problem in google chrome? Now looking to Block Pop-Ups on Google Chrome, then you are at right place. In this article, you will read how to block pop-ups ads on google chrome manually. Google chrome is pre-set to block pop-up ads by default. If you are getting pop-ups then you need to check the settings again. You can now install adblocker extension on google chrome. If you are still getting the pop-ups ads then your Pc might be infected with Malware, you need to scan it first. For Malware scanning, you should use Malwarebytes anti-malware. It is free and best available in the market.

Method1: Changing Google Chrome setting on Mobile Device

Step1: Run Google Chrome, this step will help both Android or iOS User.

Step2: Click on 3 dots located upper right corner.

Step3: Now, click on Settings, a list of browser settings will open.

Step4: Now, click on “Site Setting” a List of new content settings will open. In iOS, it is listed as content settings.

Step5: Click on “Pop-ups”. A slider will open to toggle Chrome’s popup blocker.

Step6: Move the slider to adjust popup settings. The slider moved to the left (grey) indicated that popups will be blocked, to the right (blue) indicates that popups will be allowed.
On iOS, the opposite is true, set to the right (blue) means the blocker is on, to the left (grey) indicates the blocker is off.

Method2: Install Adblocker on Google Chrome

Step1: Run Chrome Browser, You can only install adblocker on Desktop or laptop version of google chrome. Different adblocker software used for mobile devices to block pop-ups on google chrome.

Step2: Click on 3 Dots appears upper right side of google chrome web browser. or Click on 3 vertical dots.

Step3: Now, click on Setting, a New tab with Settings page will open.

Step4: Now, click on extensions, to redirect to the extension management section.

Step5: click on Get More Extensions. This option is available at the last of the list. A New tab will open with the grid of available chrome plugins.

Step6: Now search for adblocker plugins. Now in search box type adblocker, a list of best adblocker plugins will appear.

Step7: I am listing here some of best know adblocker plugins to block pop-ups on google chrome. These are Adblock or Adblock Plus or Ublock. These plugins offer you to manually whitelist the website that you want to view and your adblocker blocking them.

Step8: Click “Add to Chrome”. This button is located on the right of a listed extension. Chrome will automatically install the extension to the browser. Now, restart your google chrome and that’s all you have completed successfully.

Malware Removal Help to Block Pop-Ups:

If you are still having the same and adblocker doesn’t work and not blocking pop-ups on google chrome. Then you can contact us for malware removal service. We are an independent service provider and help you to remove malware from your windows or mac device. We have Microsoft certified technicians who will help you to block pop-ups on google chrome.

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