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Best cloud backup solutions for small businesses

cloud backup

Why cloud backup is important?

Cloud backup is needed to keep files and data which we can lose in case of a system failure, outage, or natural disaster. Cloud backup copies and stores your server’s files to a server in a different physical location. You can lose your files or they can be destroyed in case of a hardware or human malfunction, virus attacks, or if your computer gets destroyed by any natural disaster.

So you should back up your data regularly on a server to make your you don’t lose it. Local storage is not an efficient storage technique compared to cloud storage. Cloud backup is a smart choice for businesses to have their data backed up.

There are a lot of cloud backup solutions for businesses but we will discuss the best cloud backup services for small businesses.

Why should you choose to cloud backup services?

What should you consider while choosing a cloud backup service?

 1. Storage: You should consider all the factors before deciding the amount of storage you need for your business to stay within your budget.

2. Scalability: Either choose bigger storage than you need, in advance or choose a service that provides that offers scalability and agility in storage.

3. Availability: The availability of your data every time depends on the tier of the service. Higher tiers offer more uptime and features like backups of backups and advanced equipment to protect data.

4. Disaster recovery

Mishappeniings such as cyberattacks and natural disasters can shut down servers and make your data inaccessible. The cloud service should provide an effective recovery plan.

5. Backup frequency:  In businesses, you get new information daily to store and you need to update information all day so you should check how much time it takes to update data on the cloud backup. Many services offer different backup frequencies while some more premium services let you set your schedules.

6. Security

You can look for at least 256-bit encryption in storage and data transmission protected by Secure Socket Layer (SSL).

7. Compliance

If you deal with the personal information of the customer or some sensitive data, the provider should also be compliant with specific industry regulations.

8. Pricing

You should decide according to your budget after choosing the required storage and features.

9. Terms and Conditions

Make sure to completely understand the terms of service to avoid any unknown problems.

10. Support

Make sure the backup service gives you support if something goes wrong or you need help regarding something.

Best cloud backup services for small businesses

1. Crashplan

CrashPlan cloud backup service caters exclusively to small businesses. It comes with a bunch of features and great speed, as well as excellent security and privacy. It includes hybrid, server, and external drive backup, as well as unlimited version uploading and extensive controls.

Features :

2. Acronis Cyber Backup

Acronis Cyber Backup supports a wide of platforms, such as VMware suites, and older operating systems, such as Windows XP and Vista. It has a detailed management console where you can set up many users and can organize them into groups.

Features :

3. IDrive Business

It supports many platforms and devices including NAS servers and mobile devices. Policies and permissions can be decided easily.

Features :

4. Zoolz Business  ( Now Big Mind )

Zoolz offers a sharing system that lets you quickly and easily share access to your data with third parties. You can backup data from external drives, servers, desktops, and Network Attached Storage devices.

Features :

5. Backblaze for Business

It tops the list of unlimited backups and provides a quick and easy way to backup everything on your device. Backblaze is cheap as it costs only $6 per month per device.

Features :

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