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Bank of America Customer Care

Bank of America Customer Care

Bank of America Customer Care, in full Bank of America Corporation. One of the largest banking and financial services in United States corporations. It informed through to operate NationsBank’s acquisition of BankAmerica in 1998. The Bank of America headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina. The history of the bank is up to the date of 1904 when Amedo Peter Gianni opened this bank for this time in this Francisco, Italy. It eventually developed into Bank of America. In this time held by the company of Guinness Holding Company. it was done Transamerica Corporation.

Bank of America Customer Care

In 1968 the newly named on this BankAmerica Corporation was organized in Delaware as a holding company for Bank of America NT & SA and other financial subsidiaries. One of Bank of America’s most important acquisitions was in 1983. We used to buy Washington State Bank SafeForst Corporation. Which was the largest on the merger of Interstate Bank of America after purchasing its main competitor in California in 1991? The bank was the first bank to offer coast-to-coast operations in the United States.

The 21st century early it was to be operating more than 5,500 bank branches in more than 20 in U.S… States and conducting corporate and investment banking in numerous countries worldwide. The firm is large-scale in its credit card business by acquiring a national processing, a transaction processing firm. In 2004, Bank of America made the chief issuer of the credit card due to a merger with the MBNA Corporation. Money-management business, acquired by Bank of America America in 2007 Trust Corporation, an investment firm that manages investments for high-net-worth individuals.

Bank of America Customer Care Numbers

  Dispute credit card transaction 1-(800) 432-1000
  Military Banking 1 (800) 933-6262
  Home Equity  1 (800) 732-9194

How to connect Bank of America Customer Care

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