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Asus Customer Care ASUS established in 1989 by Taih in Taipei. Tung, Ted Su, Wayne Hussey and M.T. Liao, all four had previously worked as hardware engineers at Acer. At this time, Taiwan has not yet established a major place in the computer hardware business. Intel Corporation we will supply to any new processor to more than reputable companies like IBM, and Taiwanese companies we will have to wait about six months after receiving IBM’s engineering prototype.According to legend, the company had created a prototype for a motherboard using Intel 486, but it was to do so without access to the actual processor. When ASS contacted Intel to request the processor to test the process, Intel had a problem with this motherboard.

Asus Customer Care

Asus Customer Care

Asus solved Intel’s problem and it turns out that since Asus’ own motherboard worked correctly without the need for further modification, Asus was receiving Intel engineering samples before its competitors.In September 2005 Asus was releasing the first Phys accelerator card. In the December 2005, Asus entered on the LCD TV market with the TLW32001 model. In January 2006 ASUS announced that it would we cooperate with Lamborghini to develop the VX series.

On March 9, 2006, Asus was confirmed as one of the first Microsoft Origami Models manufacturers, with Samsung and founding technology, Asus announced a joint venture with Gigabit Technology on 8 August 2006. On June 5, 2007, Asus announced the launch of EE PC in Computex Taipei on September 9, 2007, announcing support for Asus Blu-ray, to release BD-ROM / DVD Author PC Drive, BC-1205 PT declare. Later ASUS released several Blu-Ray based notebooks.

Asus Computer Customer Care

In January 2008, Asus began a major restructuring of it’s the operations, divided into three independent companies: Asus is a(focused on first-party branded of computer and electronics applied); Pegatron (focused on OEM manufacturing of boards and components); And Unihan Corporation (focusing on cases such as non-PC manufacturing and molding). In the process of restructuring, a highly criticized pension-plan restructuring effectively opts the current pension balance. The company paid all contributions made by the employees before.

Asus Customer Care Numbers

  Customer care 1-888-678-3688
  Component Product Support 1-888-678-3688
  System support 1-888-678-3688

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