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American Airlines Customer Care

American Airlines customer Care: in the early morning on April 15, 1926, a young aviator named Charles A. Lindbergh stowed a bag of mail in his little DH-4 biplane and took off from Chicago for St. Louis. After on this day later, he had two other pilots a flay three planeloads of mail from St. Louis to Chicago. On this time, Lindbergh was the chief pilot of Robertson Aircraft Corporation in Missouri, in which the second aviation company to hold a U.S. airmail contract. It was which is one of the scores of companies that eventually consolidated to form the modern-day American Airlines.

The consolidation begins in 1929, when The Aviation Corporation was formed to develop to young aviation companies, including Robertson. On May 13, 1934, Cyrus Rowlett Smith again to president an American. Except for a world ware during period II, “Mr. C.R.” continued as chief executive officer until 1968, when he was named U.S. Secretary of Commerce.

American Airlines Customer Care

On June 25, 1936, American as a first airline to fly the Douglas DC-3 in economical service. By till of the end since American has number one domestic air carrier in terms of revenue passenger miles. On Feb. 16, 1937, American had carried one-million passengers. American Airlines to be trading on began on New York Stock Exchange on June 10, 1939. On 1942, American has the entering the airline catering business with an assistance called Sky Chefs, provide to a food service in all about passengers as well as in other airlines. In 1944, American had a first domestic assistance in U.S. flight service within two is first one DC-3. As the business growing up, Douglas DC-4, DC-6A and DC-7 freighters where have our service in the 1940s and 1950s.

This was an American’s first European service. AOA established as a result of a combining between the international divisions of the American company called American Export Airlines. AOA combined with Pan American World Airways in 1950.

American Airlines Customer Care Numbers

  Reservations Mandarin Chinese  1 (800) 433-7300
  Reservations Spanish   1 (800) 433-7300
  Reservations TDD 1 (800) 433-7300

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