Wireless Printer Setup Windows 10 Laptop

How to Add a Printer to a Wireless Network?

So, today’s topic is to add a printer to a wireless network. So, coming on to the first subtopic. We can add a printer to a wireless network through different methods.

Method 1: Connect Automatically

So, here are the steps to add a printer to a wireless network:

  1. In order to use HP Auto Wireless, Connect your computer and network configuration must meet the following requirements:
  2. Your computer and printer are compatible and are connected to the same wireless network.
  3. Your computer’s operating system must be in control of the wireless network.
  4. A check Computer must use a wireless connection to your network and the operating system.
  5. Search for your printer’s software. Go to https://support.hp.com/us-en/drivers/ and type in your printer’s model and install that software.
  6. Double-click the software file. It will open a printer setup process.
  7. Turn on your printer. If your printer is compatible with HP Auto Wireless Connect, doing so will prepare the printer to connect.
  8. Follow the on-screen instructions until you reach the “Network” section.
  9. Select network.
  10. Click yes, send my wireless setting to the printer. This will locate the printer and send your wireless network’s information over to the printer.
  11. Wait for your printer to connect. It may be a few minutes before your printer is able to connect. Once it does, you should see a confirmation on your computer screen.
  12. After finishing the setup process, complete the setup on your computer by following the rest of the on-screen prompts. Once the setup is complete, you’ll be able to start using your printer.

Method 2: Add a Printer to Wireless Network Manually

  1. Make sure your printer is installed on your computer. All you need to do is connect the printer to your computer via USB cable and allow it to install its software, though many printers also come with installation CDs.
  2. Turn on your printer. Make sure your printer connected to a power source, then press the Power button.
  3. Activate the touch screen if necessary. Some printers need to have their touch screens folded out or turned on separately of the printer itself.
  4. If your printer doesn’t have a touch screen, you will need to connect the printer to your wireless network using the software setup process. If your printer already installed, you may need to uninstall the printer and then reinstall it in order to connect it to the wireless network.
  5. Select setup. This option’s location and appearance will vary depending on your printer, but it most often characterized by a wrench.
  6. You may have to scroll down or to the right in order to find the Setup option.
  7. You may have the option to select Wireless as well. If so, tap Wireless instead.
  8. Select network. Doing so will open the wireless settings.
  9. Select the wireless network wizard. This will prompt the printer to begin searching for wireless networks.
  10. Select your network name. This should be the name that you assigned to your wireless network when you created it. If you didn’t set a network name when you set up your wireless network, you’ll likely see a combination of your router’s model number and manufacturer name instead.
  11. If you don’t see your network’s name, scroll down to the bottom of the page, select the field there, and enter your network’s name.
  12. Enter your network’s password. This is the password that you use to log onto your wireless network.
  13. If your router has a WPS button on it, you can instead press and hold this button for three seconds.
  14. Select done. Then your credentials will be saved. The printer will begin attempting to connect to the network.
  15. Select OK when prompted. You should now be able to print over your wireless network.

Steps to Add a Printer to Wireless Network on Mac

Step 1: System Preferences

Your HP drivers automatically download and install through Apple Software Update you may configure it on system preferences. Click the Apple menuSystem Preferences ➝ click Printers & Scanners. (Depending on your operating system version)

Step 2: Removing an Unused Printer

Only printers that you’ll be using need to be connected to your Mac. Unused printers take up unnecessary space and might conflict with any new device that you install. You can remove a printer manually from within Printers & Scanners or with a tool like CleanMyMac X. The latter is the preferred option but we’ll run you through both methods.

Removing an unused printer manually can be deleted manually in the following way

  1. Go to System PreferencesPrinters & Scanners.
  2. Select the printer from the list and click on the button.
  3. Add Printer
  4. Click the Use or Print Using menu, then select the name of your printer.