Acer Customer Care

Acer Customer Care

Acer Customer Care Founded in 1945, the founder of Acer, Shih Chen Jang was born. A shy young man, Sheeh took flowers at National Chiao Tung University. Where his qualification in natural mathematics earned him a bachelor’s degree on top of his class. Shih later changed his name to Stan’s name; he earned a master’s degree in 1972 and went to work as a design engineer at Quilitron Industrial Corp. Although it was not long before the entrepreneur bug-bit Shih; In 1976, he and many friends founded Multitech International, which had an initial investment of $ 25,000. Designing hands-on electronic games started a new firm, then expanded in the distribution of imported semiconductors, Shih changed his company’s name to Acer Inc. in 1981. The name was taken from the Latin word for fast or fast.

Acer Customer Care

Acer Customer Care

The company enjoyed its first international success that year with the launch of a learning device, a microprocessor. In 1983, the company started manufacturing components sold for PC clone – computers and large brand names of a strong brand. Acer diversified vertically in the late 1980s, soon becoming “one of the most vertically integrated microcomputer manufacturers in the world” According to the Los Angeles Business Journal.

In 1995, Fortune’s Louis Kreer told Stan Shi “an attractive combination of engineering stupid, the traditional Chinese businessman, avant-garde manager and international entrepreneur, who is with an ambition and vision for the match.” The young CEO applied all these talents to his youth venture. In contrast to Taiwan’s companies, micro-management, Shaktism, and profit-taking, Shi established a modern, progressive corporate culture. Although Shih’s wife, Caroline Ye, used to work as the first bookie of the company, the founder took the oath that his three children would have to find somewhere else. Time was also friction in production hours. In 1984, he established Taiwan’s first stock incentive program. Within four years, 3,000 employees of Acer were also shareholders.

Acer Computer Customer Care

In 1981, Acer indicated the widespread change in strategies with the establishment of the third wave publishing corporation. The translation of the word “third wave” in the context of the most recent phase of the history of Taiwan’s computer industry: the first trademark and patent theft, the second by cloaking and the third by technical innovation.

Rather than churning the designs of other companies, Acer started to separate itself from most Taiwanese competitors by developing their own research and development. For example, these are a company to developed one of the world’s first Chinese language computer systems. In 1986, Acer was second to Compaq to present 32-bit PCs with Intel 386 microprocessor. On 1988, Acer had made public in 1988 in 1988 and was estimated to average an average annual increase of 100% from 1976 to 1988. In 1998, the net profit was more than the US $ 25 million.

Acer Customer Care Numbers

 Acer Telecom operators number1-800-11-6677 
 Acer Warranty Support1-866-695-2237
 Acer customer care number1-800-986-4764

How to connect Acer Customer Care

  • Thank you for calling Acer’s customer service
  • Using a short phrase please tell us why you’re calling. You can say things like, “I can’t connect to the internet,” or, “Software issue,” go ahead.
  • Support.
  • All right. Let’s see if we can narrow this down. Does the system power on?