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8024402C : Windows Update Error Code Fixed


8024402C : Windows Update Error Code Fixed

Error code 8024402C is one of Windows OS Error code that you may use while updating the Windows. It is an update-related error. That appears on your computer screen. This error code shows the message that “Windows OS is unable to search for new updates or some updates have not been installed”. 

There are so many different reasons behind the 8024402C Windows update error code. But the good news is you can easily fix 8024402C error code issue on your PC. But before checking the solution let us see what are the responsible factors behind this error code which may cause this error code problem.


As you see in the above there are so many different reasons behind the problem. So it is not possible to resolve 8024402C Error Code problem only by one method. The solution of the issue depends on the by which cause your PC is affected. So it depends on the computer to computer. Below we mention many different methods to resolve the error code issue.

The below mention several solutions to resolve the problem. These different methods help you to resolve the problem in a very simple and easy way. Here we mention the complete and step by step description of every method. Some methods also require that you stay connected to the Internet.


  1. Antivirus May Resolve The Error Code 8024402C: The big reason behind the error is virus or malware may infect your PC. You have to remove virus or malware from your PC. Use the present antivirus and full scan your PC. It will scan all files and folders in your PC, detect the infected files, and remove them from your PC.
    If you do not use any Antivirus, then buy a powerful and genuine antivirus for your PC. If you want any help in choosing an antivirus which may full-fill all the wants. Then contact to Online Technical Support Number  Here experts will help you to choose a genuine and powerful antivirus for your PC.
  2. Update Your Windows Troubleshooter: Troubleshooter tool in your Windows, always help you to fix the errors and other different issues. But needs to update to fight with the issues. So you have to run the Windows update troubleshooter to fix the errors by scan, detect and fix the issues with the Windows update.

After the scanning has completed in your PC, restart your computer. And check that the issue is resolved or not. If you are facing same Error Code 8024402C issue, after applying this method, then try the next method.


Windows comes with many security features as like build in Troubleshooter and Firewall. Windows come with the firewall security. This firewall protects your computer from many different issues. It is designed to block any program or installation if the source code is not added to one of the sources accepted by it.

If you facing any issue in applying the method, then contact to Online technical Support Number 1-888-294-8062. Here our experts assist you in the Windows related issue.

Disable Antivirus and Firewall Program:

It is the truth that sometimes these troubleshooting tools also responsible for this type of error code issues. This method is work in these type of issues which cause because of your anti-virus or Firefox program prevents the installation of the updates because of many security reasons. Many times third party Antivirus software may cause error code 8024402C issue.
To resolve the problem disable your antivirus and Firefox program. To disable your Firefox follow the below mention steps:

Configure The Proxy Settings:

If you use different network through a proxy server. Sometimes it is a big reason behind 8024402C error code. To resolve the problem you have to correct the configuration. To fix the issue follow the below mention step by step method:

This method maybe helps you to resolve the error code 8024402c, but if the issue is not solved yet then CHECK THE BELOW MENTION METHOD.

Check and Configure System Settings

net stop wuauserv”

“net start wuauserv”

After applying this method completely, your proxy will have cleared. Now try again to install the Windows updates. And check that are you facing the error code 8024402C in your PC.

Error Code 8024402C

If the issue is not solved yet, and you want technical help. Then contact to Online Technical Support Number and get live technical support. Here you get the best and very effective solution of the problem.

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