Newborn Baby

3 Products That Will Immensely Help You With Your Newborn Child

Having a newborn child is all kinds of exciting, joyous, and terrifying all at the same time! Whether you are expecting or have already welcomed your new baby into this world, congratulations. Welcome to the journey of a lifetime! You have so much to look forward to in every stage of your child’s development.Newborn Baby

In the early stages, though, things can be hard. It’s a challenge raising a child and when they are babies they rely on you 24/7. With that in mind, we’ve spoken to some experts in newborn products and technology to bring you three products that will immensely help you with your newborn child. Hopefully, these three things will help ease the pressure on you as a new parent and make things slightly easier. Read on to find out more…

Baby Monitor

Babies don’t sleep well sometimes. When they do, we tend to worry about the silence. Leaving a baby alone overnight without any way of checking on them is terrifying. We recommend a video or audio monitoring device for babies as a top priority purchase. There is a huge peace of mind level involved with a good baby monitor. Listening to their gentle breaths at the side of your bed through the monitor means you can rest a little bit easier. Plus, any alerting sounds will jump out straight away, so you know your baby is safely under your watch. Without one, your baby is at greater risk and so is your sleep quality!

Baby Sling or Carrier

When you have a newborn, you often find yourself needing to do approximately 27 things at once! That is why a baby sling or carrier is absolutely essential for any new parents. Some babies are harder work than others, but either way, you need free hands for food preparation, other kids, shopping, or your own personal needs. If you start them young, many babies end up loving their sling or carrier, meaning they sleep well and you can get on with everything else you need to do in your daily life.Newborn Baby

Baby Clothing Essentials

Clothing is an obvious need but we thought we’d help you with a more detailed breakdown of what you might need. Newborns don’t require a huge extensive wardrobe but they will certainly get through clothes – they aren’t the tidiest bunch! Now, depending on how often you want to do laundry, these numbers can change. If you’re happy doing a load every 2-3 days, we recommend six bodysuits, six one-pieces, four shirt and trouser combos, and a week’s worth of socks. These are the essentials. We don’t recommend buying too much more than the above – even if you’re afraid of the laundry – because they can outgrow clothes within a couple of months.

These three things will help you in the preparation of caring for your newborn baby. There are, of course, multiple other items that you can buy and will find useful, but these three we feel are absolute essentials. As said at the top, whether you’re expecting or already parents, best of luck on your magical journey ahead.